New Planning Workbook!

This 200 page workbook features multiple pages that help inspire you to cultivate your best days and plan you next steps. Purposefully created without specific dates or years written so there is no pressure to start or stop. Feel free to plan out your next steps today or work with friends or a group to plan out future activities or thoughts.

Pages for meal prep, budget control, journaling dreams, visions, ideas, and ideals with any color pen or marker you desire! Make your life stand out now and for years to come. Get one for yourself and another for a loved one. Great for all ages and backgrounds!

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Say It Softly, Say It Again

Appreciation, compassion, and forgiveness. Appreciation enables and inspires growth individually and together, compassion is a home for love and care, and forgiveness allows for mistakes. It reminds us how human we truly are after the first year and 20th year.

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Shot in the Dark

Here we are, it’s the evening and I’m freshly exfoliated and lotioned. The only thing missing is a chilled glass of chardonnay and some snacks. While I’m awaiting President Biden to make his speech, I wanted to take a moment and share my experience with getting the COVID Vaccine.

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