Gold Fancy

This past weekend I was down in Houston, TX to see my cousin get married.  The wedding was fantastic from start to finish.  My cousin, the bride, looked amazing as well did the bridal party, groom and groomsmen.  I couldn’t help but get emotional!  With a mix of high fashion and culture, everything came together wonderfully.

I wore a dark green dress from the makers Eshakti.  I paired it with a gold clutch, pearl necklace, pear stud earrings, diamond ring and gold 40s era shoes.  I’m not usually a fan of gold because it tends to blend into my skin tone rather than showcase it but it worked for this outfit.  For makeup, I went with gold and maroon on my eyelids, black liner and mascara.  My lipstick shade was in the berry family.  I was not wearing foundation because I normally don’t wear it.

IMG_2876This was in the back part of the bridal suite.


My shoes and clutch


The pearl and diamond accent necklace with matching pearl studs.


Diamond ring to finish off the outfit.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Washed Ashore with Love

I chose the cheezy title on purpose.  Those are some of my favorite lines from books, TV movies and print ads.  Why I say washed ashore because I’ve been asking around to those who I know are knee deep in the dating game about the topic of taking a vacation with the person you are dating or in a relationship with.  How soon is too soon?  What if you meet your significant other while on vacation,  does that change the course of the relationship?

When I was younger, I always had these time limits for everything.  I felt that things had to occur in a matter of time before it was acceptable to do something else.  Now that I’m older, I’ve adapted a new mentality when it comes to dating especially.  There is a time and place for everything, but the time and place change from person to person.  Sometimes you have to give them time to feel comfortable enough to want to move forward or they have to feel comfortable enough to ask you out.  I have met couples who met, date and got married in under a year, others it takes them years to even consider the possibility of wanting to date casually.  When it comes to traveling, this is somewhat unknown territory.  I know some feel that when you travel with someone else, that implies you two are in a very serious and committed relationship and some who feel that their travel buddy is just that, a travel buddy.  It can be nice to have that companionship and can come in handy when dealing with luggage.

I have gone on vacation with a boyfriend before and it showed me who the person really was and helped me in deciding if I really wanted to move forward with them or not – usually things went well on vacation but the relationship didn’t last past the trip.  My Mom gave some good advice when I was younger in picking a mate.  She advised me to watch how the other person behaves during stressful situations, their jealousy, when and how they get angry, and their relationship with their family, specifically their own Mother.  These will give you great insight on how the other person will treat you, your relationship and how your future will be.

I say, start slow – do local, over night trips and build toward something bigger.  Sometimes a stay-cation (spending time alone at home) is more telling than traveling hundreds of miles to find out how things really are between you.  Let love rule so that when the bad times strike, you won’t lose your footing.

The Life I See Through Your Eyes

This has been a rough week so far for those in Oklahoma.  The devastation is incredible.  There really are no words that encompass what those people are going through.  When things like this happen in life, it lets me refocus on what is important.  There are times we get so lost and wrapped up in our world that we forget the world we live in and how it impacts and affects others.  Donate, pray, speak positively – whatever you believe in and help.  This world can only sustain and move forward if we all work together versus tearing each other apart or tearing each other down.

Remember those fighting and surviving.  Spread and share love because it’s all we have that doesn’t involve constraints or currency.




What’s in the Bag?

Palm Tree Clutch

Chopped Palm Tree Clutch Bag

Unique, fun featured item that pairs great for your end of Spring and Summer wardrobe.  The natural tone of the image can lend itself to multiple color families, especially turquoise.  It also makes a great gift for that special someone on your list.

The store has many other items to choose from with this great graphic.  Browse around and find something for yourself as well!

Choose Your Volunteers Carefully: The Yin And Yang Of DIY Helpers

I Just Want It To Be Perfect

Those of us in the 99% (I’m assuming the 1% probably won’t read this post) are always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to something as potentially expensive as a wedding. (That $28K average cost hasn’t changed much since we wrote about it last time.)  So it might seem like a great idea to ask your friend who sends out those cute hand-made Christmas cards to help with your invitations, or appoint your Martha Stewart-wannabe cousin as your florist, right?

Well, maybe not so fast.  No doubt your family and friends are wonderful, talented people, but they’re not hired professionals. (We’ve already discussed the many reasons why you should NEVER consider handing the photo chores to an amateur.)  It’s not impossible that they could do a great job — we’ve seen plenty of weddings where Aunt Kathy baked the cake or the bride’s sister…

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“What Are You Doing This Weekend?”

This is one of my favorite lines in common conversation.  There is a pressure, or an impulse to round up the usual suspects in an effort to dump the week’s stress in either a happy hour situation or having a happy hour by yourself.  Either way, it’s a great stress reliever and makes us yearn for more than two days off a week to relax.  I know some who try to stuff their weekends full to the brim with endless activities then will complain about them come Monday morning.  I invite you to save one day a week for yourself.  Don’t wait until you have that “free weekend” that gets put off from month to month.  Each week, give yourself that peace and quiet where you can shut your brain down with a cup of your favorite beverage, book or movie.  They say that children can be over stimulated but I firmly believe that adults can be as well.  With all the modern advances in technology and the constant contact from those in our lives, whether virtual or real, it is time to take advantage of the “off” button.  It is time to value what once was, that is your own thoughts, your life and your goals – no matter what.

I know many religious folks that use this time as a time of reflection and worship or devotion but it is not limited to religious people.  Not even in the slightest.  Sometimes our best ideas and revelations come from that one moment where the music was turned down, a movie paused or the crowd went silent.  Take a moment for you because you are important in this picture too.

What is it you are doing this weekend?

Surviving Wedding Season

Dancing, laughing and taking too many pictures mark this time of year and the happiness that surrounds weddings.  We all love the free food, free booze and hopefully not getting stuck at a table where you don’t know anyone.  I have a few tips to share on ways to make it through, while not straining your time, money and fashion.


  • Coupons:  Most couples are registered at either Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or Crate & Barrel.  Utilize their gift card options or get on their mailing lists for coupons.  Sometimes, these companies offer a discount just for buying something off a registry.  Either way, shop around, search the internet and ask store employees for any hidden discounts.  I am sure you are attending more than one wedding this season, if not this year and the cost will add up.
  • Dess and accessories:  Respect the couples wishes on their attire information.  If the wedding is formal, wear a gown – if not, find a classic cocktail dress.  Instead of splurging on one dress for one wedding, find something that can be worked in different ways so you can use it again for another occasion.  Different jewelry, shoes, bag, or hairstyle can change a dress and make it look like another fantastic outfit.
  • Open Bar:  Two of the best words in our world.  I love to indulge just like everyone but know your limits.  I’ve been the victim of this before in my life and am speaking from experience.  Maintain yourself while having a good time with limits.
  • Destination Weddings:  If you are fortunate enough to go, turn the trip into a mini vacation.  There are numerous places that provide cost effective packages that include air fare.  Try something new while there too.  Stretch your limits and wings; you won’t regret it.
  •  Remember to have fun:  This is the most important aspect to keep in mind.  Whether you are surrounded by extended family, friends or new potential friends, make the most of the event, smile and enjoy.