Prom Promises and Memories

It’s that special time of year again.  Prom season!  It’s stressful and wonderful all at the same time.  There are many decisions that go into making your night something to remember.  Which shoes, dress, jewelry, makeup, bag, even which date to bring?  You want everything to be perfect on that night and most importantly, you want to have fun.

Dress:  Most proms are formal, which means you need a floor length gown.  I know there are trends of short dresses, but those are better for cocktail hour.  Find a material that you can breathe in and it moves with your body and you are comfortable.  You will be doing a lot of moving and shaking, and sweating so keep that in mind when trying something on.  If you are going strapless, invest in a high quality bra.  This isn’t the time to scrimp.  With a higher quality bra, it will last longer making it worth the purchase.  Remember to stay in the nude hues when it comes to strapless bras.  Even if your dress is lighter in color, don’t buy a white bra.  Even if your dress is black, do not buy a black bra.  This rule goes for all shapewear too.  It should blend with your skin, not contrast.  That way, if there is any issue, no one will notice it – they will just notice how great you look.

Look for a dress that will flatter your shape, not what is trendy.  I am not a fan of the empire waist style because it does nothing but create more folds than necessary.  Also, remember you girls are young.  You do not need anything that is too revealing or sexy.  Try to access magazines or online material to figure out which styles you like and bring those ideas with you to the store to help find the perfect dress.  This way you won’t get stressed out spending hours trying on dresses that you hate or grow to hate the process which should be a special moment for you.  Also, do not feel as though you have to spend a lot to get a lot.  If budget is a concern, consignment shops have a great selection of second hand dresses.  Sometimes they will throw in alterations for free.  Most places, if they have a seamstress on hand, will give you a discount on their services.  If they don’t, find a local dry cleaner.  They usually have someone there who works fast, cheap, and they will also clean and press your dress for you as part of the price.

Hair & Makeup:  Keep it simple, soft and classy.  This is not the time to let your friend’s sister’s cousin twice removed practice their artsy makeup tricks on your face.  Clean face, clean hair and great natural makeup go a long way.   Less is truly more.

Accessories:  Jewelry, shoes, bag should correspond but not overpower your outfit.  Small clutch, beautiful and tasteful jewelry and great heels or flats will complete the outfit.

Whoever you decide to go with, remember the most important part of all, to have fun.  These moments are the ones that stick with you through your life and eventually, you will want to share them with your own children.  Make the most of the time you have and take too many pictures!

Me (on right) and my friend from our Senior prom – June 2002

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