Target on Your Back

And then I saw it crawling across the floor.  Its legs were slow but it’s spirits were high.  Dangling in its view was the end, its peace, survival and more importantly, the success in its finale.

Out of morbid curiosity, you stood back watching while it gained the courage to move after your mere presence shocked it into an insecure coma.  It has never witnessed something as strange as you are. Your being and intellect almost overpower this weak creature back into its shell of comfort.  It is more used to the screams, cries and yells of others – If not the rampant abuse it had to suffer just to get by.  It had come to love and accept that abuse as part of its life path.  It’s karma, resolution, life lesson passed on through its generations.

We always create, suffer and habitat our own prisons in our minds. 

You want to walk away but are almost mesmerized by the will this weak creature has displayed making their way across the floor.  Steady now, it’s almost there.  You can tell its mind is racing a million miles per second.  The self doubt it is drowning in is now spilled completely across the floor.

It’s time. 

Do you stop it in its tracks, walk away or help it along?  Your first instinct is to stop it and put it where you think it belongs because of its inherent patterns.  You can’t imagine helping because how would you know the right way to even begin?  In the end you feel it is best to walk away, unscathed.  Spared by the trauma the creature would bring to your life, or you to it.  You are too strong for something so weak, and it too weak for something so strong.

A small smile forms on your lips knowing that true power, courage, and survival comes through situations like this.  Knowing when to bend and when to walk away.

It’s not your time, not theirs either, for this was not meant to be.

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