And Away We Go!

Ah, goodbye 2013 and hello 2014.  What does this new year mean for you?  Are you getting married, having a baby, moving, changing careers, going back to school or starting school?  People seem to want to jump into life changing situations as soon as Christmas is over.  Why do we do this?  Why are we adding extra pressure and stress to ourselves just to break these resolutions by the end of February?

I suggest an alternative to these resolutions so you don’t feel at all let down come Valentines Day.  Set more realistic goals for this year.  Set goals that can be met every day, week and month.  Do not hope to lose 40 lbs in a month, aim to lose a healthy pound a week.  Aim to make a new friend each month.  Learn to organize small portions of your home or office so that by next December you will have more accomplishments to be proud of that will last through out the next year.  Change is something humans have a hard time accepting and implementing – but it is not impossible.  It is better to start small, even micro because every success is a success worth celebrating.

Stop being so hard on yourself because you didn’t accomplish _____ by the time you were _____; or you didn’t quit _____ by _____.  It’s not worth it.  You are much more than the numbers on the scale, who you share your lease, mortgage or car note with – you are beautiful inside and out.  This is your time to come into your potential and inspire others to do the same.

Do your best, remain positive and start small.  You will reach great heights.



See you down the path!

Review: Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask

 I got this as a free sample and figured it was worth a shot.

The results?  I had an allergic reaction to the product and it left my skin feeling oily and looked dried out at the same time.  It was weird and I wouldn’t recommend it.  I have two other samples by Freeman to try but I’m not sure I will even bother.  If you have sensitive skin, I’d skip this line.





That’s my backyard and the “coating” of snow my area was supposed to get yesterday.  While I respect the science behind tracking weather patterns, TV weather people are a joke.  I was also astonished at the amount of people who were trying to drive during the worst part of the storm.   How do they expect the roads to be salted and plowed if everyone is stuck on it?  The logic in my area is just amazing really.

The important thing to take away from this is hopefully no one you know was seriously injured and we are all safe and sound.  With the Winter weather season creeping up on us, it is important to take stock of your tools and materials in your home.  Do you have enough of the proper salt for your drive way and walk ways?  Do you have the right shovel even?

The right kind of salt?  Yep.  Be sure to check it’s the proper salt for your needs and is pet friendly and child friendly in case either accidentally ingest it while out playing in the snow.  A lot of stores carry this item too, so no worries that you have to ask a genie for it to appear.

The right kind of shovel?  Yep.  It is better to have a plastic shovel with a metal strip on the edge to break up any ice and snow.  The plastic doesn’t get cold enough for the snow to stick to, unlike metal shovels where the snow will stick and render it useless with one try.

I would also suggest if it’s in the budget to get a snowmobile.  They get the hard work done in minutes so you won’t have to kill your back trying to move all the snow.  They are totally worth it.

Food?  Try to buy food that can be cut up and frozen to make for a later meal or something canned that can be heated up quickly in case you lose power.  I have an electric stove but do have a grill outside that is propane and a smaller grill that uses charcoal just in case during this time of year.  You can never be too prepared.

Lastly, the important humanitarian side of winter:  Please check on your neighbors, especially if they are disabled or elderly.  Shovel off their walk ways or ask if they are warm enough and have enough to eat.  Nothing irritates me more is hearing on the news that someone died due to the weather and it could have been prevented if just one of their neighbors bothered to check.

It takes only a moment to say, “hey, are you okay?”

Offer to go grocery shopping for them or when you are making a meal, make extra and bring some over.  If we start working together, it will make a huge difference this winter season and inspire to continue through the new year.

Stay safe out there, drive slow and care deeply.  Let’s all enjoy how beautiful the snow is this season!