Remember Those Little Things

I often read articles about cleaning different items in your home and life.  It’s the usual list on how to maintain the dirtiest areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and possibly the laundry room.  What about the items we use every day?  The computer keyboard, mouse, TV remotes, door knobs, handles around the house and at work, common areas?  Do we forget to clean them in our routines?  it happens to the best of us.  Don’t forget about your phones and tablets either!  They are covered in bacteria, and possibly fecal matter (YEP!).  Even if you have the cleanest house, the bacteria on those surfaces can be transmitted to your body making you or loved ones sick, or sicker.  Not to mention, that acne breakout you are suffering through might actually be caused by using a dirty cell phone.  It’s true.  Below is a quick guide on when and how to maintain cleaning the little things.


  • Phones & Tablets:  Pledge makes a great multi surface product that cleans without damaging your devices.  Read the instructions carefully, and wipe them down once a week.
  • Computer accessories:  Canned air is your best friend.  I can’t stress that enough.  It is important to spray some in your keyboard once a week, and sometimes you can spray a little into the mouse, and tower (if you still use a desktop).  It does help remove any food particles or excess dirt or dust that can lead to malfunctioning or overheating.  Also, remember to wipe down the keys, and the mouse.  I’m sure you are aware of how often you are touching the keys then touching your face.  This is especially important to remember to get a jump on flu season.
  • Remotes:  We all use them, love them, and probably couldn’t live without them.  Remember to clean them once a week.  Don’t forget to wipe around the buttons too.
  • Door knobs & other various handles:  Antibacterial spray works well on these items every other day.  You do not have to buy a big name brand if you don’t want to either; they all work as well as each other.  One thing to keep in mind is these sprays can double as an odor eliminator.  I am not a fan of Febreeze because I feel like it just masks odors, and doesn’t eliminate them.  I’ve had dogs and that product never helped aid in removing the smell, but the antibacterial sprays did make a difference.  I actually spray some on my mattresses when I change the sheets, and a lot of other various items too.  I love it!  I do not recommend spraying it into your cat’s litter box.  It may confuse your cats, or using too much may poison them.
  • Blinds & Curtains:  I take my blinds down once a year to wipe them down.  They are usually covered in dirt and dust.  I use dawn dish soap and warm water to clean them.  It’s safe, quick and effective.   I also want to note, my blinds are the basic white ones.  If you have a better quality, or they are wooden, et cetera, follow the cleaning instruction that came with them.  Wooden blinds would be best with a quick wipe with Pledge cleaner.  The Venetian style blinds can be vacuumed every so often as well.

What works for me is to create lists or make notes in my day planner about what needs to be done when.  I understand that we are all very busy, and barely have time to breathe.  It is important to remember the little things, because they add up the fastest.  Your health and wellness is vital, and should be protected from inside and out.

What are some of your favorite household tips? 

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