Wellness Wednesday – Your Medicine Cabinet

I personally hate mine.  It makes me feel like a general manager of a pharmacy.  What should I throw away?  What can last another 6 months?  How old are those band-aids?  I do my best to stay stocked on all the essentials, and clean it out twice a year.

Always ask your doctor and pharmacist before adding, changing, or mixing any kind of medication. 

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A Hug or a Handshake?

old-telephone-1433831 copy

This is part of a conversation told to me.  It really happened, but I won’t reveal any names.  The woman initiated this conversation by calling the guy.  These two met online and had barely been chatting by phone over the course of a week.  The main mode of “talking” was done through text messages.

“Why haven’t you asked me out yet?”  – Woman

“Oh, are you going to take me out?” – Man

“No, I was calling to ask you to ask me out.  Are you going to be a gentleman and ask me out?” – Woman

“You didn’t let me be a gentleman and ask you.” – Man

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