Wellness Wednesday – Your Medicine Cabinet

I personally hate mine.  It makes me feel like a general manager of a pharmacy.  What should I throw away?  What can last another 6 months?  How old are those band-aids?  I do my best to stay stocked on all the essentials, and clean it out twice a year.

Always ask your doctor and pharmacist before adding, changing, or mixing any kind of medication. 

What are the essentials?

  • First Aid Kit:  You never know when you need to tend to scrapes and cuts.  This isn’t just for kids either.  Even adults need to tend to their boo boo’s.
  • Pain Relievers:  Here is the trick with this, certain medications can only be taken with certain pain relievers.  It is imperative that you consult your doctor on which brand is better for you.  I can not stress this enough.  I know quite a few people who have gotten themselves very sick due to this mixup.
  • Eye Care:  Whether you wear contacts or not, having some moisturizing eye drops on hand can be a real life saver.  Sometimes we may think it’s more serious, but your eyes may just need more moisture.
  • Allergy Medicine / Flu Relief Medicine / Cough Cold Medicine:  There are so many concoctions that either combat part of this, or all of this.  It is good to keep on hand just in case anyone in your home gets sick.
  • Vitamins:  Whether you like the gummies, or the pills, remember to take one a day.  You will be surprised at how much better you feel by taking a multivitamin each day.

Trying to save money on all this stuff?

  • Generic brands are your best friend.  There is a generic brand for just about everything these days.  They are cheaper, and work as effectively as the name brand stuff too.  Another way to save money in this area of your life is to clip coupons, shop at whole sale clubs, or take advantage of the points that you can accrue from shopping at most pharmacies.

Throwing things away?

  • Most things can be tossed away in the trashcan if they have passed their expiration date.  If you have old prescription medication, it is advised to find a give back program in your area.  They will take your drugs and dispose of them for you.  If that isn’t available in your area, you can ask your pharmacist the best way to dispose of them.  If you are throwing away an empty bottle, make sure to remove the label on the bottle or do your best to scratch off the important information like your name, address, phone number or anything else that identifies you.  The FDA has a great resource on this topic.  It is worth reading, and sharing with friends and loved ones.


Remember, it is your health, and no one elses.  You need to do what is best for you, your goals, and not worry about what is flashing on the screen or what’s on the pages of a magazine.  Take charge of it!  What does your medicine cabinet look like?  Is it a mess, or are you so organized to the point you have everything labeled?

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