Pumpkin Party


It is a beautiful Sunday here on the easy coast! Fall is slowly making its presence known, and I’m ready for it.

Today we spent most of the afternoon carving pumpkins. It was a good time, messy but good. I saw a suggestion online in how to preserve the pumpkin so it lasts longer. First it gets a bleach water soak then once it’s dry spray with vinegar water. We will see how well this works as time goes on.
What is your favorite thing about decorating for Halloween or planning for Halloween?

Carved pumpkins can sit inside too. My favorite is using battery operated candles and setting up the pumpkins with dried leaves for a great table scape. I save the real candles for Halloween night. If you aren’t into using all natural stuff, I suggest hitting up the dollar store. Why spend a lot when you don’t have to?

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