Ghosts and Goblins Round Up

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend, and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep!  I’m sure we are all slowly coming back to life this morning.  I’m partially glad it’s over, but had a great time during the parties and taking my son trick-or-treating.  It was his first year doing it and he had a blast.  He was nervous the first few houses but once he got into the swing of it, he wanted to knock on every door in the neighborhood.

What did you dress up as this year?  Did you have a theme with friends?  Some of those costumes are amazing!

Halloween1My son Emmit from the Lego Movie.  His Grandma made his costume.

Halloween2My outfit for my son’s class party.  Momma bunny with gray and silver statement pieces that matched the ears.

Halloween3I have a love/hate relationship with this lipstick.  It’s called, “Oxford Wine” by Avon.  It’s really dark, which is great, but it stains my lips.  I always have to use waterproof makeup remover to get all of it off.  When I find another brand that is this dark, I’ll buy it.

Halloween4The whole sha-bang!  The top is from Torrid.  It’s actually a dress but my legs are too long for their dress length, so it’s just way too short to wear alone.  I love it too, I just don’t get to wear it that often.  I got it quite a few years ago too, and haven’t seen anything like it from them since.

Stay safe out there & warm!

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