Single and The Holidays


Ah, that time of year again when the yule tide is shoved down our throats, and we stuff our faces with yummy delights!  This all topped off with seeing family or extended family, and friends around a toasty fire – or just getting toasted together.  For most people, it’s their favorite time of year.  They love the decorating, traditions, food, fun, and festivities.  I’m one of those people too.  As soon as Halloween is over, I start organizing and planning through New Years Eve.  What about those that shy away from everything?  They may feel left out, or un-welcomed at your gathering or you may simply forget to extend them an invitation.  We are all swept up in our own lives and it is possible to overlook even the big stuff.  We always tend to slow down in the middle of January when we start putting away the holiday decorations, and are trying to air the house out to get rid of the ginger bread smell.  At that point, we also notice a few cards that went unopened, and remember that one neighbor or family member we should have invited but didn’t.  Then wonder how they made it through the holidays – if they are okay.

What if we simplified things?

I know this is the time of year people save up for, go big, decorate enormously, but why not go big on serving others?  I don’t mean simply serving them food; we can serve with love.  We can spend the extra postage including the loved ones that may not have felt so loved over the year, we can include those down the street, even with something as simple as a merry greet.  I know a few years prior between my circle of friends, we all ended up with earning a free turkey at our respected supermarkets.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, why not offer the turkey or extra canned goods to a family in need?  Or cook the turkey for them if need be.  The simplest things usually go the furthest.  Donating is always great too!

What about the expectations of marriage proposals, wedding announcements, and hoping to expand your family this time of year?

I always suggest lowering those expectations.  If you are in a stable, healthy, and loving relationship, and marriage is the next step for both of you, it will happen in its time.  Why pressure your partner in proposing just to brag about it on the internet?  Sometimes it is better just to enjoy the holiday season together, because for some, getting together with in-laws or future in-laws can be incredibly stressful.  It may be too much pressure to get through the visit(s) AND have to pick out a ring, or more.  Let’s relax this year for not only your sake, but everyone’s sake.  Let’s worry about having enough whipped cream for your dessert, not who is good enough for your guest list.  Let’s work on spreading true joy, and including others in the merriment.  Besides, cake tastes better when it’s shared because some may be single, but they shouldn’t feel alone.


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