Wednesday Wellness – Save the Ladies



It can be uncomfortable discussing your personal information even with your trusted doctor, but there needs to be more discussion on what is going on with our bodies than making jokes or feeling shameful about the state we are currently in.  I’m talking about, how honest are you with your gynecologist?  I know it’s a very uncomfortable doctor visit for many, but it is absolutely mandatory that we know exactly what’s going on, and what condition all our parts are in.  With the rate that women are developing cancer of the breast, uterus, ovaries, cervix and beyond, we all need to empower ourselves and be our own advocates for health.  It goes beyond juicing to stay healthy.

Breast Exams:  Your gynecologist should be checking you at each yearly visit, but each month you should be searching for any lumps yourself.   If you notice any changes, have it checked out immediately.  It could be the phone call that changes your life.  For those of us who are a bit older, ask about when and how often you need a mammogram performed.  It’s a painful process, but it saves lives with early detection.

Vagina:  Strong cramps? Unusual discharge? Absolutely painful periods?  Talk to your doctor about what’s going on and what options you have.  Sometimes we think it’s just a “tough period” which is possible.  Some women have the unfortunate luck of having to deal with painful cramps each month.  If you are worried about it, definitely talk with your doctor.  When you go for your yearly exam, give them as much info as you can and always ask to be tested for all STDs and given an AIDS/HIV.  It is always better to know.

Sexually Activity:  Be safe, and stay safe.  Always use condoms unless you and your partner are at that stage in your relationship and have both been tested for everything.  If you or your partner is uncomfortable even having that discussion then you are not emotionally ready to engage in high risk sex.  STDs can not only kill you, but some of them can render you infertile.  Why have that decision made for you because you both wanted of 5 minutes of passion?  Let’s be smart about our bodies and our choices that will affect our future.

The sad thing is there are some insurance carriers that don’t want to pay for all the tests necessary in regards to keeping women healthy.  We all know that there are some cancer patients that die with a lot of debt just because they were not able to have their cancer detected early on, and could not afford some of the treatment.  It’s an absolutely  heartbreaking situation.  If you are one of those people who are struggling know there are resources out there for you.  Planned Parenthood is a fantastic resource for women, and with the rate that these small clinics are popping up, we may be able to afford proper care and coverage for a lower cost, and hopefully in the future we will have universal health care in America.

We can not afford to lose our precious ladies to such rotten diseases.  If you know someone that isn’t being safe with their bodies, encourage them to get help.  If you find when you see your doctor annually that you aren’t sure about what happened which month,  keep a journal.  There are plenty of apps that track your period, and you can input data throughout the year for each cycle to help you notice any patterns or problems that may arise.  Many of those apps are free as well.  If you aren’t caught up with technology, a pen and paper work just fine.  It’s time to be empowered for ourselves, and the next generation.

Let’s save our ladies!

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