Topical Tuesdays – High Cost of Brasier Living


We all have that drawer or space devoted to our bras.  Whether they are fancy, high end, or barely being held together by the last bit of elastic and cheap wire, we rarely feel right in them, and tend to have so many that parting sometimes can be a sweet sorrow.  Each store has numerous styles, names, and fits to hold up two friends of ours that barely get along.  They don’t even look the same, let alone want to be held up all night by a sometimes constricting torture device.  They make us feel sexy, scared, supportive, yet most of us have no clue what we are doing in the lingerie department.  I know some women wish they came with instructions, or at least let there be more of a standard across the board when it comes to fits and sizes.

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Wellness Wednesday – Secret Freshness?

I like to say we live in the “Scent Age” because people are willing to spend a lot of money just to smell great or be in a location that smells great.  There are a wide variety of smells for each person, and there are places where you can create your own scent for whatever you need in your life.  Yesterday we had potpourri in small dishes spread through out our homes, now we have oils, waxes, and aerated sprays for a more concentrated power boost of smells.  What about putting those smells in places that candles can’t reach?

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