Wellness Wednesday – Secret Freshness?

I like to say we live in the “Scent Age” because people are willing to spend a lot of money just to smell great or be in a location that smells great.  There are a wide variety of smells for each person, and there are places where you can create your own scent for whatever you need in your life.  Yesterday we had potpourri in small dishes spread through out our homes, now we have oils, waxes, and aerated sprays for a more concentrated power boost of smells.  What about putting those smells in places that candles can’t reach?


There is something to be said about freshness, and how a positive smell does make your mood better and it will relax you.  One small trick to making those other areas smell fresh is using dryer sheets.  It doesn’t have to be the top name brand either.  The store brands work just as well, and come in more of a variety of smells.  Where to place them?

  • Clothing Storage:  If you are putting away your Summer and Fall clothes in favor of more appropriate Winter clothing, throw a few dryer sheets in the storage tub too.  This will help keep them fresher for when you open the tub back up in a few months.
  • Linen Closet:  Aside from keeping some in here, if you store blankets in here too, fold in a few sheets before putting blankets away.
  • Laundry Basket:  Whether you use a mesh hamper, one with a cloth liner (that should be washed each week too), or a basket of some kind, throw a few dryer sheets in there each week to avoid it getting too smelly.  This goes for other smelly areas like gym bag or gym shoes/sneakers.
  • Closets:  A few in every other week help keep things fresh without having to spray anything on your clothes, or plug in the wall.
  • Couches: Especially if you have pets, put a few under the cushions each week after vacuuming.  It won’t totally get rid of all the pet smells, but will do a good job masking most of them.  This will also safe your furniture from having to be sprayed down constantly with a perfume like spray.

There are so many uses for these things, the list is really endless.  They can be placed under sheets, under your mattress too – just don’t forget to change them every so often because the fresh scent doesn’t last forever.  It may not be everyone’s thing but it beats having a lot of candles around your home, especially if you have kids, pets or you genuinely forget you left some candles lit when you get to work or wherever.  It happens to the best of us.  I say give it a shot.

How do you use these in your home?

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