Topical Tuesdays – High Cost of Brasier Living


We all have that drawer or space devoted to our bras.  Whether they are fancy, high end, or barely being held together by the last bit of elastic and cheap wire, we rarely feel right in them, and tend to have so many that parting sometimes can be a sweet sorrow.  Each store has numerous styles, names, and fits to hold up two friends of ours that barely get along.  They don’t even look the same, let alone want to be held up all night by a sometimes constricting torture device.  They make us feel sexy, scared, supportive, yet most of us have no clue what we are doing in the lingerie department.  I know some women wish they came with instructions, or at least let there be more of a standard across the board when it comes to fits and sizes.

Moving past how they fit, there are a lot of times we don’t understand how they feel.  We may not understand why one breast might be going in a whole different direction, or we may feel that they were installed “upside down.”  We have to put our newest purchases through their paces by either breaking them in, or breaking them out – it’s hard to slip into one on the first try and say, “this is the one!”  Even with a bra fitting by the best bra specialist (yes, this is a thing), no two styles or sizes are alike.  Yes, at some point we have heard of sister sizes when it comes to styles but not all of them are created equal.

Recently, I went on the hunt for a new bra because it’s about that time.  I will check everywhere and have paid a lot for my size in various stores.  It’s my lot in life, I guess.  I am a firm believer that miracles can happen at any moment, and the other day that seemed to happen.  I stopped in Walmart of all places, and just out of sheer curiosity, I browsed their intimates section.  I was expecting the usual; sizes up to 36, 38 if I’m lucky, but usually stops at a C cup – sometimes a D, this time I noticed hangers indicating they had size DD, and sizes up to 44.  I was (and frankly, still am) shocked.  I have yet to see these sizes bras priced so inexpensively.  The prices ranged from around $10 up to what I found $16 a bra – with and without a push up.  Sadly, they did not carry my true size, but for $10, I found the closest sister size I could find.  The band (inches around my rib cage) is too big, and the cup is a bit too small, but it’s close and you couldn’t tell even though I can.  I have to say it fits comfortably though, and the straps are not digging into my shoulders either.  I was lucky enough to snag a pretty dark pink T-Shirt style with lace trim.  I will go back in the near future to get some more if I can find them.  I did not find the bra I bought on on the website, but there was a wider selection in the store anyway.

Will I replace all of my bras?  Not at all.  There is something to be said for a more expensive style that fits true to size for different occasions, and you can never have too many every day bras.  If you don’t know your true size, or are unsure, definitely get a proper fitting.  There are plenty of specialty places that offer a personal and private fitting to help you on your way.  Also, try on a few different styles.  Each body type is different, and each bra style unique as well.  There is a fit out there perfect for you – try it on.  Spring for some expensive bras too.  The better made ones of better quality fabrics do wash well, and do last longer.  I’m sure my cheap one will wear out sooner than later, even hand washing it and letting it air dry.  For $10? Bring it on.


Cute, right?

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