Happy Happy New Year!

IMG_1920I wanted to wish you and yours a very happy new year!  I hope this year brings you all kinds of excitement, fulfillment, and love.  Whether that love is from someone else or you learn to love yourself.

Between room-service, massages, mani/pedi, cool nights, enchanting smiles, and birthday merriment, it was a 5-day fantastic trip.  One I sure hope to repeat soon!

I wear white all year round because I love it.  Invent and inspire your own rules.

One of my favorite dresses that I own.  My “Marilyn Monroe” dress.  This time I paired it with my gold and white platform wedges.


Closeup of my makeup on one of the days.  Soft lids and bold lips – simple yet stunning.  I’ve never been a fan of too much eye-makeup.  Less really is more.


A great maxi for the spa day paired with bronze flats.  The necklace is a favorite of mine too.


This “top” is really a dress, but I feel it’s too short to just wear as a dress.  My rule is anything above the knee turns into a tunic style top.  I paired it with black leggings and cheetah print heels.  Also, that is another necklace that I love.


This dress is an oldie but great-y.  I love the style, fit, color, and length.  It’s a perfect cocktail dress for any occasion.  This I wore to dinner on my birthday.  It’s hard to find dresses with that perfect combination, but when I do, I’m in heaven.  I paired it with black suede heels that have gold studs on them.


I had to post the cake because it was so delicious!  7 layers of yum!

I hope you were able to make some memories, and plan some exciting things for the upcoming year.  I always say to never make resolutions, not to detour making plans, but be realistic about your goals.  Always start small and build toward your large goals so they will successfully come to fruition.

You can and will achieve it this year!

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