Fabulous Friday – A Cold Cool


I’m sure you have heard it a million times so far this week – it’s bitterly cold almost everywhere in the US!  I think I have packed on a million layers of clothing just to stay warm.  It’s times like this that I miss summer, and the smell of sunblock for a moment.  Ah, the memory of ice cold drinks on warm nights with friends laughing as the sun finally set close to 10pm (minus the humidity).  I know it can be hard to find something stylish to put on because being warm is more important.  The best way is to dress up in layers.

Do you have a thin turtleneck sweater from Fall that you love?  Pair it with a blazer and statement jewelry or a colorful scarf.  This combo can be on top of a skirt or pants giving it a more dressy feel, or can be paired with jeans for a more casual look.  If you aren’t a fan of turtlenecks, you can pair most thin layer tops with a great blazer, blouse, or a dress.  I know sometimes we want to reserve our jackets for interviews or a day at the office where you have to look a bit nicer or more professional, but why?  Why keep them hidden in our closets and default to wearing something else?  A well tailored blazer commands respect and inspires confidence.  I am sure you will feel like strutting down the hallways.  It will be well worth the dry cleaning bill later on!

It may be casual Friday for a lot of you, but let’s make it a posh casual.  Grab a few items to throw in your purse to make your Friday night Happy Hour a bit more layered with style after a day at work.  Take that jacket to new heights, and who knows which cute stranger will catch your eye?  It may be your new Valentine.


Stay safe this weekend and warm! 

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