Tasty Tuesday – Pan Grilled Chicken

This weeks entry comes from a dear friend of mine named Julia.  It’s a very delicious Pan Grilled Chicken paired with green beans and sweet potatoes.  Let us know if you will be trying this recipe, and if it’s for a special occasion!

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This recipe is for a simple, healthy meal that packs a lot of flavor without too much fuss.  It was created for people on the go and utilizes shortcuts to produce a speedy and quality meal.  Lets get started.

Cook time 6-10 minutes

Total time 20 minutes

Serves 1-2 (recipe can be multiplied for larger groups)


2 medium chicken breasts (about 1 lb) thin cut or butterflied to about half an inch thick

3-4 small sweet potatoes

I bag frozen (preferably french cut) green beans.

1 lemon

Several sprigs of parsley

Lemon pepper seasoning

Olive oil

Sugar and cinnamon (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

First, wrap your sweet potatoes in damp paper towels and  microwave on high for 5-6 minutes.  Cooking time varies per microwave,  so feel free to use the baked potato setting. While they are cooking, start with the rest.

Put a large frying pan, iron skillet, or grill pan on the stove on high. The pan should be very hot.

While the pan is heating prep your chicken.  If the breasts are not thin cut, butterfly them to make a thinner cutlet. Sprinkle your lemon pepper seasoning generously on both sides of the chicken.  I like the Goya lemon pepper adobo, but any brand will work.  Once seasoned, rub with olive oil coating on all surface areas.  I like the Lebanese brand, Faisan, but any decent extra virgin olive oil will due.

Pic 1

Add a small amount of oil to your hot pan just to minimize sticking (about a teaspoon or less). Lay chicken breast in pan and cover, keeping the temperature up. The pan will smoke,  but the chicken is not burning. Cook for about three minutes on each side.

While chicken is cooking get your green beans started in another pan on med -high heat with a little olive oil for about 5 minutes.  Salt to taste.

Pic 2

Mince your parsley and cut your lemon in half, trimming the ends. Set aside parsley for garnish and place the lemon halves large side down into the hot chicken pan. Allow to caramelize for about 3 minutes.

Pic 3

Plate your cooked sweet potatoes, slit and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (optional) then your green beans, and chicken, garnishing with parsley and caramelized lemon half.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Pic 4Enjoy!

 *Bonus- Leftover chicken makes a great salad topper! Enjoy with any green salad.

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Copyright © 2015 Julia Fernandez.  All rights reserved. J headshot

If you want to see your favorite recipe (or one of your own creations) featured on one of our Tasty Tuesdays, shoot us an email.  We look forward to your submissions!

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