Wellness Wednesday – Winter Sniffles



We are no strangers this time of year to being BFF with a box of tissues or some kind of cough medicine cocktail.  Whether you got a flu shot or not, there is still a chance you may get some kind of cold or worse – especially if you work with kids, have kids, or leave your house ever.  We all know it’s best to avoid human contact when you are sick, and rest up, but what are ways we can curb catching a bad cold?

It’s a fact that some people simply don’t get as sick as often no matter how poorly they take care of themselves.  Not fair, right?  For everyone else, we know it’s best to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids – possibly take a multivitamin if we remember.  These are great ways to maintain a healthy immunity.  But when we’re sick on the couch or in bed how can we get out of that funk faster?  The standard of chicken soup, Gatorade, and ibuprofen is a great cure-all if you are feeling yucky and need some relief.  Are you trying to fight off a cough?  There are plenty of over the counter medications that can take depending on your symptoms.

 If you are unsure which is best for you, speak with your healthcare provider first – especially if you are already taking other medication.

For instance, I have to avoid Sudafed (brand name & its generic) because it revs up my heart like crazy.  I also avoid Nyquil as well because it makes me feel loopy – almost drunk but high at the same time.  I hate the feeling.  If I really need it, I stick with Coricidin hbp.  It works well in kicking any excess symptoms out.  If you are still sick after a few days, definitely speak with your healthcare provider to be sure it isn’t something more serious.  If you don’t have health insurance at the moment, there are a lot of clinics that are not expensive.  You can check their rates online to find one suited to your needs.  Be informed because all of you matters!  As always, remember to wash your hands, and keep some hand sanitizing liquid in your bag(s) [purse, gym bag, book bag, school bag, car, desk at work – everywhere] for when you aren’t near a sink.  The other way to better keep your home sniffles free is to clean often, change your bed linens at least once a week, wash your pillows once a month in hot water and bleach, and brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash.  It doesn’t leave much time for any bugs to find a special place to stay and stick around making everyone sick.

If we all do our part, we can minimize the amount of people who end up sick, especially babies and the elderly who can barely fight off a simple cold.  Let’s remember to take better care of ourselves and everyone else!

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