Tasty Tuesday – Quick Stir Fry

We hope you are having a delicious week so far!  This week is dedicated to the stir-fry.  It’s a quick, easy way to get dinner on the table with almost everything cooked in one dish.  This week is stir-fry Teriyaki chicken with veggies over white rice.  You can use the sauce over beef, tofu, seafood or pork if you prefer.  It’s a versatile flavor that most will enjoy.

The raw seasoned chicken with green and red peppers.
The raw seasoned chicken with the green and red peppers on the side.

Taking your raw chicken breast, you can cut it as thin as you prefer to set in the marinade.  I went with about a half inch thick cuts.  Once everything is completely cut up, place in a bowl and pour the Teriyaki sauce to cover all the chicken.  You can choose any brand you prefer, just be careful of how much sodium (salt) is in it per serving.  It can get very salty.  I used Trader Joe’s brand.  Let the magic happen and put the chicken in the fridge covered for as short as an hour up to overnight if you are prepping this the night before.  I use foil because I can’t stand fighting with plastic wrap.  I haven’t found any difference in flavor with using foil instead.

After your chicken is prepared, cut up your veggies.  You can use whatever you want really.  I used red, green peppers, and onions.  Feel free to build your own creation.  Red onions, baby corn, snap peas – the works.  I didn’t add any additional seasoning this time either.

In a medium high heat pan, add 1 tablespoon of oil.  I use veggie oil for stir fry, but olive oil works as well.  Once the oil is heated up, (you can always tell by how easily it moves around the pan) add the chicken slowly so you don’t get burnt by any oil splashing from the pan.  Depending on how thin you cut your chicken up, it won’t take long to cook and brown in the pan.  Don’t forget to add the rest of the extra sauce from your marinade too.  It may look soupy at first but as you cook it will reduce down to a glaze.  Once the chicken is almost cooked, throw in your veggies for the last few minutes of cook time in the pan.  This way they will be seasoned but not overcooked and mushy.


This can be served over white rice, brown rice or quinoa paired with red wine.  If you are looking for an easy dish to cook for a special Valentine’s day treat, give this a shot.  It’s easy; it only looks complicated.

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