Thankful Thursday – Powerful Leaders


This weeks Thankful Thursday is an appreciation I have for Michelle Obama(Don’t worry, this won’t get political).  You don’t have to agree with her politics or who she is married to, but it’s important to recognize strong, intelligent women who aren’t the “standard” that is all over the media.  It’s important to every little girl growing up to not only see this but also let them know they too can get an education and aspire to be something great – no matter what that great thing is because they are just as special.

I hope you have a beautiful Thursday!

Wellness Wednesday – Winter Sniffles



We are no strangers this time of year to being BFF with a box of tissues or some kind of cough medicine cocktail.  Whether you got a flu shot or not, there is still a chance you may get some kind of cold or worse – especially if you work with kids, have kids, or leave your house ever.  We all know it’s best to avoid human contact when you are sick, and rest up, but what are ways we can curb catching a bad cold?

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Tasty Tuesday – Chip and Dip

I hope you are all fairing well and staying warm through this winter season.  This weeks entry is a favorite in my house.  My son affectionately calls it, “Chip and Dip” but it’s a basic filling for any kind of taco shell, burrito, tortilla chips – whatever you want.  It can be made with any protein base and works all year round.


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