Wellness Wednesday – The Weight Of An Ending



There is always the mantra of picking ourselves up after the dust has settled, in an effort to coax us into getting over difficulties easier.  What if the dust never really settles, as you are constantly reminded of the past, therefore you can never really let go?  Some cultures believe that we never really leave things behind, they are always a part of us – even the Bible reminds us of that as well in various contexts.  We may be forgiven of the sin, but still carry the weight and memory of it – lest temptation reigns supreme and we are back down that hole.  But what about when we have to say, “It’s finally time to move on.”  Where does that now lead us to move on to?  Another person?  Another town?  Another memory?  A lot of us may move on, but we may move on to the same issues packaged in a different environment or person.

With the month of April in full swing, Spring is starting to tease us with warmer temperatures, and we are constantly being bombarded with product placement of fitness goals, ideals of renewing ourselves, and a host of other things that promise quick results with little to no effort.  I always feel like this time of year is another “New Years” with a reminder of rebirth from Easter celebrations and preparations for Summer.  There are a lot of feelings of cleaning things out, throwing out old items, or even feeling the persistent need to find someone specifically as the cute eye candy standing next to us in all the photos we over-share online.  Sometimes we are hesitant to really feel all of the feelings that come with an ending, and want to over saturate with newness – almost numbing us.  What good does that do when we come face to face with what we refuse to deal with?  There is power in understanding what forgiveness is about, and a power in taking back your identity from a negative experience.  That forgiveness, that true ending, that is what helps us truly let the dust settle, and move on to something new – something with the potential to create excitement and happiness.  With a firm closure on the past, this will allow any future plans to not only be made real, but stand the test of time.

Negative situations can be character building.  We learn more about ourselves when we have to start over than at any other time in our lives.  We find out what we are willing, and in a lot of cases are not willing to do to simply get by, or go out in that limb for someone.  Sometimes we have the feeling we are running at full speed, and don’t realize we are about to run head first into a brick wall.  We perceive that wall as an ending, a time of absolute disappointment and failure.  Why?  I believe those failures, and endings are what teach us and inspire us.  Those failures, and tough endings are what shape our success in the future.  There are many opportunities out there for each and every one of us.  Why are some so willing to sit by and let life pass by?  Why hand off your future to someone else or worse, we put our future in someone else’s hands?  Your time is more than now:

Each tick on the clock is your time to plant seeds and pull weeds.

If there is any Spring Cleaning that needs to be done, it goes beyond what is in your storage space.  Take a look at what is around you.  Are you where you want to be, or is it time to move on?  Also the opposite is true – Are you wishing for greener pastures simply looking for an easy exit, or is it time to take a look at yourself and realize it’s time to fight; whether it is for your relationship, family, job, education, or freedom.  That current “I can’t/won’t/don’t can be turned around when you get out of your own way.  Let this be your year to finally let the excess weight go.  Yes, you CAN do it.

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