Fall Fashion Transitions

Black maxi style dress paired with a gray and white floral pattern cardigan, colorful floral scary with silver and white jewelry.
Black maxi style dress paired with a gray and white floral pattern cardigan, colorful floral scarf with silver and white jewelry.  The most expensive item in this set is the scarf.

You may hear the phrase being thrown around now Fall Fashions  and feel like everyone is jumping the gun when it’s still too hot outside to do anything.  Let me guide you through some easy fashion transition tips that will help unclutter your closet, but also re-use a lot of your Summer favorites for the rest of the year.   This is the time of the Summer when most, if not all Summer items are going on sale.  Not just a 10-20% savings, we’re talking almost 50% off the retail price.  Most stores are getting their Fall items now, and will get their Winter items at the end of August here in the states.  What does this mean for us?  Aside from a bathing suit, you can stock up on a lot of great items that can turn into great layering pieces as the weather cools down.

Tank Tops and Tee Shirts:  You can splurge on higher cotton quality tank tops or tee shirts, or get the cheap ones – either way, these are great under sweaters, cardigans, blazers, or your favorite sweat shirt.  Whether you wear them to the gym, or to lounge in around the house, now is the time to stock up when they’re on sale in all the colors you missed earlier in the Summer.

Sandals / Flats / Flip Flops:  It will be hard to find good quality sandals this late in the year, but the cheaper variety is still stocked on a lot of shelves.  I like to keep extra cheap sandals on hand at home because they’re easy to slip on, and I don’t mind getting them dirty or messed up from using the pool, going to the beach, or doing chores around the house.  As soon as they’re worn down, just toss them.  [I’m still wondering if you can recycle them instead  of throwing them in the trash actually since most are made from some kind of plastic or rubber. ]  As far as a high quality leather sandal or flat shoe, those have to be purchased in the winter.  They usually sell out first and quickly around the new year in most stores and online.  They are definitely worth the investment.  I have a pair that I love that are still hanging in there after all this time.

Maxi Dresses:  I could live in these all year.  I try to when it’s not too cold out either.  They are probably the most comfortable things in fashion creation (and the most flattering on all body types).  If you are wondering how to stretch out their life into the colder months, they can work well with a blazer, cardigan, or a wrap sweater.  If you have more print pattern dresses, look for solid color layering items.  If you have more solids, look for fun prints to play with.  The great thing is, they will still look great at anytime.  If you are worried you will be cold wearing a thin fabric maxi dress, throw on a pair of leggings underneath or a pair of pantyhose.  No one will know the difference, and you will keep warm.

Makeup:  I wear different colors in the summer, but that doesn’t stop me from buying my Winter shades in the Summer.  Just like clothing, makeup goes through it’s seasonal sales and changes too.  From eye-shadow to nail polish, you can score a deal with fun colors to try as the year goes on.  If you are big on holidays, now would be the time to stock up on the yellows, golds, candy apple reds, or blues.  They can be mixed and matched to suit your needs perfectly.  Even if it’s not for a holiday, you can get a jump on creating your own trends for the rest of the year.

Accessories:  Scarves, jewelry, belts, trinkets – all the stuff that is the add-on’s closer to the register in stores, these can work all year round.  A good scarf can work with any dress, sweater, blazer, cardigan – whatever you fancy.  The same goes for jewelry, belts and other items you enjoy.  Add a touch of color or shimmer to any outfit by grabbing it while it’s on sale.  Some of my favorite items were purchased off season.


Don’t be afraid to take your time going through the clearance section, and have fun with bright colors, fun patters, and shapes.  You will find a lot of items that can be used for more than the 3 hottest months of the year.  There is probably overstock from last year as well meaning there may be Fall and Winter items put out just to clear their back-stock.  If you feel that the stores aren’t as inexpensive as you had hoped for, you can always shop vintage boutiques, or the Goodwill.  Most items there are still in great condition waiting for a new home.  The same items you were ready to spend a lot of money on, can be found inexpensively, easily, and in your size.  It just takes a little patience.

Make this your most fabulous season yet!


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