Dating Doesn’t Work



It’s late here and I wanted to put together a short and honest tidbit that I have found in my travels:  Dating just doesn’t work.

It’s infinitely a waste of your time and I think is adding to forms of depression in some people.  It’s not to say that we should collectively give up on finding love, or finding that perfect person that will indulge your love of small porcelain dolphins – because that person is out there waiting to be discovered!  I think it would be good for most, if not all of us to take the technology out of finding a partner.  So many many sites promise love within a few (or many) clicks, endless questions that really don’t mean anything regarding when the rough times actually hit and you and your partner have to decide how the rent or mortgage will be paid or who’s job is more important to either move for or leave behind.  There isn’t a personality quiz for that – I don’t care how much you are paying for any matching service, they are not going to deliver that quality person to you.  I’m sure some of you are saying how you have found success through various services, and I think that’s great it worked out for you.  Any time two people can connect on a deep and meaningful level should be cherished and celebrated.  The rest of us should devote our time to working on loving ourselves, and cherishing our individuality in being single.  Let’s not even open the can of worms at how many married people use dating services to cheat on their partner.  I’m sure if a study was done more than half the users are married, even on dating sites that claim to find you someone to marry (irony).

Take out the desperation of finding someone to spend your time with and focus more on waiting for the right person who is worthy of spending your time with, and building a life with.  Don’t settle for something that will only breed mystery in your life instead of a future.

There are awesome people out there who you won’t have to worry if they will swipe right on your photo too.  They will be real, honest, and ready.  Get cracking!

6 thoughts on “Dating Doesn’t Work

  1. A very good and honest article. I think a major problem with Dating during The Information Age is that technology promises so much in terms of personal interaction when it is clear that it doesn’t, unless you want to date your smartphone or computer and let’s face it, that often ends up being a one-way relationship. There is no personality algorithm out there than beats good old fashioned face to face meeting. Keep up the good work and Best Wishes. 🙂

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