Get Out and Vote



It’s election day today and I wanted to remind you to get out there and make your voice heard.  If you are over 18, registered, and able to do so, you should vote.  If you are not registered, I hope you take the time to do so.  Nothing will change if we sit idly by complaining and wishing for things to get better.

I bring my son with me every time I vote.  I want him to understand how important the process is no matter which political affiliation he grows up supporting as an adult.  I always remind him how even when he was a little baby, literally a few weeks old, I wrapped him up and brought him with me to vote in 2008.  Most people thought I was nuts to drag an infant out in the cold (it was really cold that November for some reason) just to cast a ballot.  I didn’t care.  Even if it were a blizzard, world ending, aliens attacking, whatever – I’m getting out there to the polls.

For my PA friends:  Find your polling place 

Polls close at 8pm so get out there after work or get in line before you go to work if you work nights.

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