Realistic Holiday Health



We just passed Halloween and now have bags of candy tempting us by saying it’s okay to eat 1 or 10 pieces for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.  Without missing a beat, I’ve seen close to 20 (so far) images with workout guides and the horrors of gaining weight over the last two months of the year.  The incentive is to lose your holiday weight now and not wait (weight lol) until the New Year to declare your new super awesome fitness goals.  I think it’s a bit presumptuous of anyone to start shoving protein shakes or whatever weight loss thing down anyone’s throat or assume we are all planning to go into a food coma by sitting at the dining table shoveling mashed potatoes in our mouths in a last ditch effort to have one more bite in the name of Thanksgiving or other holiday meals.

Let’s slow this down a bit and be a bit more realistic about the last two months of the year.  No one should starve themselves ever, or make themselves feel like crap because they had a slice of pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert.  Food is meant to be enjoyed responsibly, not become yet another enemy in life.  I offer you some realistic ways to enjoy yourself without destroying yourself or your self esteem.  (I really could give a crap about planking for 60-90 seconds.)  Being overweight or omg fat is not what makes a person terrible and we should stop making people feel bad simply because 1) we can, and 2) they don’t fit into our definition of health.

  • Get in more effective exercise:  I personally don’t like gyms because they are generally gross, and frankly, I never had time to be there and workout when it was less busy.  You can easily get a good workout in between commercials, while you are making a meal, or through out your day.  Some ways are to park further away from the store, start lifting weights, or start taking the stairs.  Doing 7-10 squats a few times a day is easy and will help keep you in line with your goals versus sticking to a liquid diet and blocking out time in your day for the gym.  It doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout, it doesn’t have to be complicated either.  Get out there and get moving.  This is also great if you can get together with friends for a gossip and power walk.  If you do have a gym membership, get there for an hour a day and mix things up.  Take a class a couple times a week instead of sticking to the treadmill.  This time of year is great to get outside and get a nice walk in while watching the leaves change color too.  Be creative and get moving.  Every little bit counts!
  • Watch what’s going in your mouth:  It’s no secret that eating well directly goes toward improved health.  Start increasing your vegetable intake, whether you prefer to juice or cook them-consume them.  Also, look to eat more healthy protein.  If you know you are having a heavy meal, or you felt like eating a few extra pieces of candy, eat a healthier meal during the day and get in a workout.  Don’t put yourself through hell because you had a candy bar (or three), or bowl of ice cream.  It really is all about moderation (I ate a mini Snickers bar editing this posting).  I know what you’re thinking, food is incredibly expensive, especially healthy food.  Some alternatives to buying fresh is to buy it in bulk, canned or frozen.  A lot of the bulk stores sell a large amount of veggies you can section and freeze so your money will stretch further for you or your family.  I generally only buy fruit fresh and in small quantities that I know will get eaten for the week.  Fruit always goes bad quickly for me and I always feel like I’m watching my money rot sitting on the counter.  If you do want fresh I suggest an Asian supermarket.  They have a wide variety when it comes to fruit and vegetables that are less expensive than traditional grocery stores.  These stores often have a wide selection of sauces you can try to change up your dinner routine at home.  A lot of those sauces can go on veggies or meat.  Play around with flavors!

With all things, do talk to your healthcare professional before starting any new exercise or diet.

You are important, your health is important, and you do matter.  Remember to enjoy the holiday season they way you choose and enjoy it with loved ones.  It’s a very delectable option.

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