Last Minute Shopping?

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The year is winding down fast, and for a lot of us that means last minute shopping! ¬†It’s incredibly stressful wandering around the store thinking about which item to get a friend or loved one – or all the wonderful people in your life that are doing all the behind the scenes work. ¬†I’m talking about those special people involved with your child(or children’s life) or if you don’t have kids, all those special extra people in your life. ¬†Favorite bus driver? ¬†Instructor? ¬†Neighbor? Church member? ¬†The gift you choose¬†doesn’t have to be expensive either. ¬†Let’s face it, most budgets are barely covering Christmas presents this year. ¬†What are some great alternatives to charging up yet another credit card so we won’t offend someone?

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