Last Minute Shopping?

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The year is winding down fast, and for a lot of us that means last minute shopping!  It’s incredibly stressful wandering around the store thinking about which item to get a friend or loved one – or all the wonderful people in your life that are doing all the behind the scenes work.  I’m talking about those special people involved with your child(or children’s life) or if you don’t have kids, all those special extra people in your life.  Favorite bus driver?  Instructor?  Neighbor? Church member?  The gift you choose doesn’t have to be expensive either.  Let’s face it, most budgets are barely covering Christmas presents this year.  What are some great alternatives to charging up yet another credit card so we won’t offend someone?

  • Baked Goods: Who doesn’t love a cookie or two?  They are easy to whip up no matter your baking skill.  If you are unsure making it from scratch, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives (pre made mixes) you can pick up at the grocery store.  Utilize the Dollar Store for cute boxes and tissue paper to turn a delicious treat into a beautiful and warm gift.  If you don’t have the time to bake (or you don’t want to), you can always buy pre made cookies and create your own gift tray. You can get as creative as your heart desires with this gift idea.
  • Spa Sets:  This may sound expensive but it really isn’t.  A lot of great designers both high and low end sell their items in smaller sizes that you can snag on the cheap.  All those gifts with purchase or sample sizes can be put to good use for someone special.  This goes for both men and women.  These sets you create can be wrapped up in a wonderful basket, or box of your choosing.  Have fun mixing prints and colors.  You really can’t go wrong with all there is to offer.
  • Shop Small: Supporting small business is important all year round but take time this holiday season to browse and purchase a specialty item.  Most places are still running sales whether it’s online or in store.  This is a great way to find that perfect item for the person that is hard to shop for.  We all have one or two of them on our lists.
  • Gift Cards:  I know some people think they are impersonal and the gift you give someone when you haven’t put a lot of thought into it but I disagree with that statement.  I think gift cards can be a great alternative, and an inexpensive one at that.  Just about every store now offers some kind of gift card at various increments.  There is always the standard of coffee or tea houses that offer the $5 and more cards, but why not something outside of the box?  Grocery cards, or an all-in-one store that has its own gas station.  One year I got one of those and was thankful because I used it on gas.  Not only a good idea for students either – some adults would appreciate the extra $$ for groceries too.

Whether you are stressing out and looking for some new ideas, or need a last minute suggestion to finish your list, these are simple solutions that meet any budget.

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