Change Is The Only Guarantee

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With the change in seasons (or so the calendar says), we are reminded, sometimes painfully, that change will happen whether we are ready or not.  One day it’s hot enough for sandals and the next we need to dig out our winter boots and jackets because the weather decided to snow.  It’s annoying but we push forward complaining the whole way.  It’s just a byproduct of being human.  The same rules apply when things shift in our lives whether professionally or personally.  Our once routine approach is either stopped or being twisted into something new for better or for worse.  The anxiety and uncertainty lingers and we often wonder whether that next step we hope to take is leaving us on a solid foundation or are we doomed to repeat past mistakes again like some weird version of Dante’s Inferno.

The usual pep talk begins:  You CAN do this.  You HAVE to do this.  Like the little kid on the edge of the deep end waiting for that right moment his brain tells his body to JUMP!

One, two, three – and we’re off!  Lightening speed through a course of actions praying we land on our feet or swim fast enough to reach the surface for another breath of air.  Lightheaded an understatement then the calming sense of relief takes over and everything slowly sinks back down to zero.

But what if it doesn’t?  What if we crash land into another bad decision or mistake?  What if we spend days, months or years ignoring that warning bell in our heads that has been going off trying desperately to warn you of the curve ahead?  Panic sets in, fear sets up shop, insomnia brews another pot of coffee – Oh man!  We’re not going to make it!


The Big Bad Wolf, The monster in your closet or under your bed all pay rent in one space -your mind.  Do not let them stay so long they end up owning part of your soul.  A lot of us are giving away long term facilities on the cheap because we fear the curve ahead.  Be brave enough to make the mistakes, and be wise enough to learn from them.  

I invite you to take a moment when these negative feelings wash over you to stop and clear your mind.  Even taking a few moments to get some fresh air, take a short walk to stretch your limbs, or give yourself a healthy distraction (social media is the worst distraction any time of day).  If you feel it worst of all before bed time, use lavender scents either on your pillow or near your head to help you relax when you sleep.  If that isn’t your thing, after a warm shower or bath,  turn off the TV and your phone, turn down the lights or shut them off completely and lie still in the dark.  I know falling asleep with the TV on is nice but it actually isn’t helping us get a restful sleep.  By doing that it adds to all the noise going on in our minds which can cause us to start worrying and overthinking situations leading us right back to that state of panic and worry.  If you feel as though nothing is helping, I invite you to seek out professional help.  A lot of times those emotions are overlooked or we are told to just, “get over things” because we may be “overreacting” to a situation. Sometimes we do overreact but there are times when having a helping hand can be the difference between life and death.  It’s never too late to seek help.

Change is always going to happen in good times and in bad equally.  It is important to cultivate your relationships in all aspects of your life to not only celebrate though the light but be able to find your way together through the darkness.  Try taking a more positive approach to change and see how strong your resolve sharpens as time goes on.  You matter, and we need you.

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