Between Forgiveness and Folly



Often times we think that the definition of forgiveness includes folly or some kind of mistake that stems from weakness.  We often torture ourselves with guilt, or anger in hopes that we are truly making that other person feel our pain – even if it’s a small percentage.  We hope that our mental torture and execution of the other person is enough to give them another chance.  Fast forward to recycling ex relationships,  old friends or family members.  I don’t care how tough you think you are or how many tattoos or meme’s you reblog on the internet saying you don’t need anyone else – we all hope to give those that hurt us another chance.  It’s what makes us human.  We all truly want it to all be good with everyone else.  We aspire to see the good in everyone regardless of how poorly they treated us.  It causes a lot of us to remain in toxic relationships that hinder our future.

There is a lot of talk by different people in the public eye that say how powerful forgiveness is for yourself and how if we can not learn to forgive others, we will continue to carry that burden of hatred around making ourselves sick. There is a lot of truth in this sentiment.  Giving yourself peace of mind and working to let go of that anger and pain of your past can be life changing.  No, it’s not that easy.  There are things that you are holding on to that you probably will hold on to until you are old and gray.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Getting up and saying you are okay after traumatic experiences is not easy.  Trying to let go of that one ex that keeps trying to wedge themselves in your life feels impossible sometimes.  They tease you with wildly happy memories of times before that are probably a fabrication of their imagination but you go along with it because you long to hear that one person say they love you one last time.

It is not hopeless.  You are not alone in this and yes, you will make it through.  When you are ready to let go, you will find the strength to do so and finally be able to move on in your life.  Do not let anyone tell you to hurry up and get over it already!   This is something deeply personal that only you can decide when the time is right.  Like everyone else, you will go back and forth until finally the boat is tipped over and you then have to decide to sink and drown in your past or fight back and swim to safety.  I know you have the ability to do so – it’s time for you to also see the potential.

Are you ready?

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