OMG! She’s So Bossy!



The book, Lord of the Flies often gets cited in times of discourse in times of crisis.  We often wonder who will lead us as a group for the greater good, who is only trying to lead to fulfill their ego, and who will be part of the heard that ultimately destroys us, a la a rock being dropped on our heads ( I apologize if that spoils part of the story for you [ honestly, I’m not sorry. The story came out originally in 1954 and the movie released in 1990 – if you haven’t seen or read it by now, shame on you]).  When in these difficult group dynamics, natural leaders often rise to the top.  We all know how that goes; if it’s a group of women the alpha female will be labeled a bitch or worse and for men they are often respected for taking charge and having to make the tough decisions.  Why is it that when competent and strong  women stand their ground and move things forward, even if that involves dragging everyone kicking and screaming, it is seen as bossy/bitchy behavior?

It’s an interesting time living during this new wave of feminism.  I personally believe that every woman out there has the capacity to rule over her own life successfully.  The thing is, we each have different situations in our own lives that require special handling.  Some women can brave any audience and whip things into shape and come out on the other side with barely a chip in her nails.  These fierce women, who I swear slay dragons in their spare time, should be praised they can play with the boys yet maintain their femininity.  Why are we giving in to the sexism that a woman is only as good as how submissive she is?  Submissive attitudes are reserved for BDSM.  We often see these attitudes in the workplace, we see them in the PTA, we see them trying to get our morning cup of coffee.  Too many women are simply giving in and going with the flow because they want to be Yes Men in life.  They want to appease without ceasing thinking this is the way to get ahead at work, in their relationships, at church, and so on.

Remember the old saying: You can not make everyone happy all the time (or even the same time).

I do agree there should be a give and take and that everyone can’t be aggressive all the time.  Obviously, it would be anarchy if every woman was ready for a fight at a moments notice.   However, there is power in stillness.  There is power in saying no.  There is power in respect.  There is power in allowing another to take the lead.  There is power in being mature.  We as women have the power to not only rule the world, we have the power to help each other heal in ways that bring us together in an effort to reach everyone in progressing us forward in a positive direction.  With the way the world is headed, I think we all need to take a step back, breathe, and figure out how we can move on without killing each other.  I think we can leave all this in 2016 in an effort to have a true fresh start in 2017.

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