The Importance of Waiting your Turn

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On my drive in to work this morning, like every morning, there are numerous people always trying to cut someone off in traffic simply to get ahead. It drives me nuts to be honest. I can’t stand the fact that I’m doing the speed limit, which means I’m giving the car in front of me and behind me enough reaction time and here comes some jerk cutting in causing me to have to tap my brakes.  I’m trying to go at my own pace safely and the other person can’t be bothered to wait their turn.

This morning it had me thinking about the importance of waiting your turn and the underlying importance of patience – something most of us barely have these days.

When was the last time we stopped and let life happen instead of rushing things in our own time because we felt they weren’t moving fast enough?  There is a lot to be said for things falling into place on their own.  It’s incredibly hard to let go in life – whether that’s to old memories, old relationships, old friendships, or just things cluttering our home.  We create attachments to things in life and being in control is one of them.

Not everyone is as much of a control freak as they think.   It’s more the fear of letting go that drives a lot of the, gotta be first mentality.

We work so hard to convince ourselves that by striking first, or defending ourselves first – we not only have the upper hand, we are superior.  It’s all part of the human experience, I think anyway.

The next time you find yourself in a situation of being cut off – whether it’s in traffic or out in life, consider whether this is an opportunity to improve yourself.  Should I apologize?  Should I take a step back and let the other person go first?  Is my pride getting in the way again (probably)

Make a note of each time this happens and see how often we are putting our own ego and selfishness first.  There’s a difference between being assertive, needing me time, or being a jerk.  When we start seeing the patterns, then we can take an honest evaluation and hope to make small changes for the better.

What is life without self improvement and forgiveness; not only to others but ourselves?

One thought on “The Importance of Waiting your Turn

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