Breaking The Frame

And so it goes, the familiar feeling wrapped up in grief, tied to a lead balloon.

What happens when a breakup is actually not that bad? What happens when you’ve seen the issues the entire time but gave it your best shot because you hoped for the best? You hoped (like any other addict) that this time was actually different. This was the time that would encompass all the bad times before, process them, then eliminate them! You’re free and clear to finally be happy! It’s almost something you’d see on a shopping network at 3am because you can’t sleep. The optimism, the hope, the greatness! It’s an unstoppable feeling that rushes through you that makes you want to shout from your front door and all over social media that you finally found someone! Ah, my unicorn!

What about when reality sets in? When you realize that things can’t continue the way they have been going because things were never that way. Not really. You hoped they were but the cracks were visible and cutting you in small slices hoping one of the cuts would give you the strength to move on. Those painful warning signs. Everyone has flaws. Everyone has baggage. The difference is finding someone to help you unpack. Finding that person who is empathetic, sympathetic, and compassionate. That one person who wants to understand you for all that you are and not for what they want you to be in their life.

Shit happens.

It’s going to happen constantly. I’m sure you are going through something right now and could benefit from some scream therapy or taking a trip to those places where you are able to smash objects. They always looked like fun or at the very least you will feel better after an hour.

I feel like there are times endings can be a good thing. A weight lifted off your shoulders. When you find peace. It’s not always sorrows at the end of a brownie pan. It’s growth. It’s self awareness. It’s standing up in the face of darkness, fighting your way to the light. In all seriousness, it takes a lot of strength to let go. It takes a strength you were unsure you had inside yourself. To stop making bad choices, stop hoping the mistake you’re making won’t blow up in your face. The truth is you do have that power within yourself to find the courage to move on. You are deserving of everything the world has to offer that one post on social media can’t encompass. You are fantastic in your own skin! Fantastic on your own. Be the beautiful bright light the world needs to brighten the dark corners that develop steadily as time moves forward.

Your light will attract all of what you deserve. The stronger you become, the better you will know in making positive choices going forward and when to let go of the bad ones.

It’s important to: forgive yourself and forgive others. Find your healing in forgiveness.

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