We’re finally coming to the end of January. This is always the longest month of the year, or at least it feels that way. Are we still keeping up with any half attempted resolutions? Did they die off after the first week of the month? It’s normal to go through ebbs and flows then flat out put things away because we just don’t have the time to complete them.

I was thinking about this earlier today – what we may perceive as being stagnant but in reality it’s because there’s only 24 hours in a day. It’s not possible to do everything all at once on our own. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed a lot recently and my To-Do list keeps getting longer and there are many days I feel like I will never even scratch the surface, let alone accomplish anything. To me, it feels like I’m drowning. When the weekend finally hits, I’m so exhausted from working all week that I barely get anything done on the weekend. By the time Sunday night hits, that dread of Monday hits and the bullshit starts all over again.

I had a lot of plans for this weekend I wanted to get accomplished and didn’t because I was plum exhausted. I had an incredibly stressful week last week that when Friday evening came, I was relieved it was the weekend. If you didn’t get anything you wanted accomplished either this weekend then cheers! Sometimes it’s okay to play hookey, be slack, and not measure up.

It’s important that we do things that help us and not hurt us. I think too many times we feel like things should always be in motion and if it’s not there is something wrong with us. So before you feel like throwing everything out in a fit or want to cut your bangs yourself – remember that sometimes it’s important to be still. It’s important to take a breath. Stop moving. Find quiet and peace. There will be other times to finish projects or be productive.

Make this week the week you make more time for yourself and less time worrying.

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