Cucumbers & Quarantine

It’s a little after 9pm on what I believe is Friday night. I have the window open to help keep the breeze flowing since it was almost 80 degrees today. I was thinking about earlier today that I should take up hand writing letters again and sending it to friends and loved ones. Then it prompted me to think about the way people used to communicate years ago via the Pony Express with the optional quill feather pen with a small bottle of ink. Clearly this quarantine is causing me to think deeply and abstractly.

I wanted to put something together for those suffering through this time. Not everyone enjoys being alone for long periods of time. Not everyone has the comfort of being able to shift their job to work from home. Some people have since lost their job and probably won’t be able to go back to it. Whatever the federal government decides to do, it will only be a wet bandaid covering a large wound. You know the kind. The wet band aid after swimming in the pool all day. Gross.

First and foremost, please do not use this new found free time to go nuts and clean your house. I mean that. Unless you feel moved by the spirit to clean and start cleaning out closets, I don’t advise creating that chaos. Cleaning something out can turn into a bigger project that may trigger you or trigger a downward spiral and now you have shit everywhere in your place. Getting rid of clutter can be therapeutic and you may want to conquer the world in the next two weeks or so (however long we are social distancing).

Just chill the fuck out.

What I found that has helped me is to create a routine similar to my life before the virus. It helps keep my sanity and I can inject things that I want to do in my day. I’ve been writing more, drinking more, eating more Oreos, and moving my body more. When I say moving my body more, I don’t mean doing a series of ridiculous workouts. I personally hate workouts – that, and one and two and three – ugh. My workouts when I was younger was going to clubs and dancing for hours on end in heels. What an Olympic feat! I also hate rules and order so that’s probably where my hatred for the rules of working out really comes from. What I do now for workouts is however I end up getting my body moving. You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn off walking around the mall shopping. I bring up the moving your body because melting into the couch for two plus weeks isn’t good for your mind or body.

If this time period is causing you to have suicidal thoughts please reach out to the Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

What if you’re feeling ambitious during this time period? I noticed quite a few people using the time away from their full time job to persue their passions that they normally don’t have the time to invest in. Some are reconnecting with friends and loved ones through group chats or group video chats. Some are doing their best to spend time with family by choosing to be quarantined together instead of apart. If you are looking for something to do with your free time, I suggest making a to-do list but also making a diary. Why a diary? It’s simple. I think during this time period it’s important for most of us to journal our experiences. I think it’s important that we learn more about who we are, who are family are, and our partners. I think we all will find out how similar we are, or at least find new connections with people who we had no clue also liked that obscure band we love, or that show we’ve seen a million times that we watch in secret. You know who you are. Use this forced alone time to find others you can connect with.

Lastly, I wanted to remind you all how important you are in all of our lives. If you can help your neighbor, please help. If you can help a friend find a new job because your job allows you to be remote, help them with their resume, if necessary, and get them to apply where you work. This situation has taught us exactly how many industries can actually be remote versus taking up space in a building causing unnecessary traffic on the road among a host of other environmental pollutants. If you noticed somewhere nearby is hiring Part Time, share that knowledge. Let’s take care of each other so that when it’s all over, we are all better for it.

Spread some love and wash your damn hands!

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