Dark Side of the Quarantine

How are we staying sane during this? A better question is, “Why are we still dealing with this?” That’s a question with a much longer and somewhat angrier answer for another day.

This is more of a check in for you. I am sure we have all seen other people using their quarantine time to do more baking, cleaning, drinking, or other various projects. If you didn’t do anything productive, congratulations! If you caught up on all the TV you’ve been missing out on, congratulations! If you have had a lot more bad days than good days, I’m glad you are still with us and congradulations!

This year continues to prove some of us are finding strength in places we never imagined. It’s a year that brought monumental changes, loss, and in some cases incredible wins. There have been such bright spots this year for some that it helps to illuminate the remaining months of the year. It gives hope that even though the world may seem as though it’s ending, all hope is not lost.

What have been some of your favorite ways to cope? I say cope with all due seriousness. You may be stuck home due to job loss, due to possible exposure to someone either with symptoms or without, or your job was moved remote. I know for some it’s hard to work remotely because they miss the social interaction of the work environment. I know for others it’s a fight to find another job to replace their income or at least come close to what they were making before to cover their bills. Some states in the US are working hard to fight back against landlords with eviction protection for renters and God willing our Senate comes together to release another unemployment package. I will refrain from a political tirade even though I absolutely love being involved in the current political conversation. I think it’s important. ( I have been going back and forth on starting a blog about it.)

I know it’s hard to hear. I’m sure you don’t want yet another person telling you to hang in there or some other darkest before dawn iddiem. I won’t belittle you. I do want you to know that your hard work is seen. Your courage in taking care of your family in whatever capacity that is right now is seen. Your strength in getting up each day and going out there to kick ass is seen.

Your struggle is relevant. You will reap the fruits of your labor.

We will get on the other side of this whole.

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