Let’s Vote Tonight

This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Make your plan to vote today!

We are already seeing long lines and obvious attempts at voter suppression. We are also seeing polling locations close forcing American’s to commute longer distances simply to vote. We are also seeing certain groups creating false ballot box drop offs as well. If you are still able to in your state, request your absentee ballot, fill it out, and drop it off at your nearest approved ballot drop off location.

If you are looking for a secure ballot drop off location, do a quick Google search for your specific area. For example, if you live in PA: VotePA

A good rule in knowing you can trust where they are sending you is whether it is a government site giving you the information. If it’s something like, BobsVoting.com or something else that sounds fishy, I would double check your source and reach out to your local election officials. They exist specifically to help you vote. They exist in all 50 states too.

What if you don’t want to vote with an absentee ballot? What if you want to vote in person? I would plan to get there in the morning and bring plenty of voting snacks and PPE in case you have to stand in line. I would also communicate with your employer if you have to work at any point on Election Day. Some employers are allowing their employees to miss work and vote. Some employers aren’t, unfortunately. If your employer isn’t allowing you any time off to vote, I would request your absentee ballot now, complete, and turn in asap. This way your voice is heard.

What if you need a ride? Check with the major ride sharing platforms, Uber and Lyft on whether they are offering free rides the day of the election. Talk with friends and family about scheduling rides so that no one is left behind. Make note of your local public transportation route to your nearest polling location. Do everything in your power to plan out your logistics on Election Day.

We have shy of 3 weeks until the election and your vote matters! Every vote matters! Don’t think there are already enough votes or that one more vote won’t swing anything. Some elections come down to a matter of one vote. Literally one vote can put someone over the line to win and be elected!

Do your part this election cycle and help more our country forward!

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