We Have to Remember to Choose Happiness

If you are ever feeling down, let this kid inspire you that no matter how old you are, or where you are, you have to be yourself and dance.  Sometimes we let the hurt from the past cloud the adults we are today, and forget that we used to be carefree, we used to not worry so much.  As an adult, you can do that too by choosing happiness.  Choosing to not let the overwhelming negativity consume us.  If you find that choice hard, take a good look at what is surrounding you: drugs? alcohol? toxic friends or family members? Take a stand for your own well being and make a change.  Choose to be positive and speak positively in every encounter you have.  There is power in this, and that power will transform your life.

Stay beautiful!

Always Remember – 9/11

My son was telling me how at school they refer to September 11th as “America Day.”  I then asked him if he knew why, and if they talked about what happened that day at school.  He said they didn’t, so I had to find an honest, yet non scary way to explain what happened.  I told him how we honor that day for the Americans that died, and the Americans that risked and gave their lives to help others – that’s the heart of what makes America strong.  We have come a long way from our previous troubles to this point of unity, even though we have an even longer way to go in a lot of our issues.  This day always weighs on me because I remember so vividly when it happened, and the panic that surrounded the major event.  I always hope for my peers, and the next generation we move to a more peaceful and tolerant time.  We are all in this together.  American-Flag

Remember to keep those directly affected, and those still suffering in your thoughts and prayers.  Also keep our brave service men and women fighting on a daily basis to protect us.