Mind the Words, and Word the Mind

What does it mean to insult someone?  Is this based on their acceptance of your vocabulary?  Your own ignorance?  Their acceptance of a lower opinion of themselves?  I am not basing this off of the technical definition of this word because an insult can be more than a few words found in a dictionary.  It can be the difference between a person making the decision to respond negatively or worse.  Where are we as a society in this respect?  This goes for any kind of insult, slur or derogatory comment to any one person regardless of who they are.

Are we so far removed that it is okay just because we allow others to invent ideals of who we are or who we are projected to be?  What you are, and who you are are not for anyone else to invent, describe, label or project.  We are all a species trying to evolve through space, time and matter with a casing of love that seems to be broken in spots.  Do we struggle to find the goodness in others?  Of course, but we should not stop trying until every last ounce is used.

Hatred, bigotry, prejudice fills our vernacular, yet we stumble upon the, “Oh, I’m sorry, is that really offensive?” or “Don’t get offended but…”  –  There is no exception to this rule.  Kids and adults alike hear these terms, phrases and lyrics and in turn them as a measure of their worth, measure of their intelligence, measure of their being.  It’s not fair.  It’s not right and it has to stop.  We are losing loved ones in a sea of pills, cutting, suicide and many other avenues of despair.

It’s time to do better and be better alike.