Purple Notes

Purple Nails

This is a different kind of nail polish review.  I painted my nails a week ago with Sally Hansen’s “Complete Salon Manicure,” color: Grape Gatsby (Lol).  I wash my hands  A LOT and most brands chip within a few days of applying the polish.  It doesn’t matter if I have a base coat, top coat, winter coat – whatever.  It’s chipping and doesn’t look great.  I got this brand as a gift and decided to test it out.  This is one week after how much my hands are in water.  There is some chipping but it’s not bad at all.  I think I will buy this brand in a few more colors since it actually lasts through the war of life.

What is your go-to brand?

White Nails?

I have seen some women with white nail polish and wanted to try it on myself.  It was actually hard to find a bottle of white polish that didn’t have a pink base.  I like the outcome though.  It looks really bright paired with my summer complexion.  I think this would look good on anyone too.  I added an accent nail with silver glitter so it wouldn’t look boring.  This will look pretty done any time of year too.  I think in winter I will add the silver glitter to every nail.

White polish ( Snow Me White ) by Sinful Colors

Silver Glitter polish ( Queen of Beauty) by Sinful Colors

White Nails


Have you tried the white nail look yet?  Are you willing to try it?