What Is Being Gift Wrapped?

Here we are at the end of the year. It’s time to be holly, jolly, and stuffed with treats all while being socially distant. This is usually the time of year when we start seeing the year end wrap up. List after list on whether we have achieved our goals for the year. Let’s be clear here – this year has been one of the worst for most citizens of the world. Record high job loss, evictions, not to forget how poorly kids are doing in school trying to suffer through 6 hours a day of virtual learning. We are drowning in emotions and have little to no where to process those feelings.

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Holiday Shopping Prep



I was at the dentist not too long ago chatting with the hygienist like I normally do.  [It’s always good to be friendly with everyone you meet, plus your interaction with them will show you what kind of business they are as a whole.  If a receptionist / front desk person is rude it is very unlikely that I will patron that business again.  That always tells me that the owner either doesn’t really care about their customers because they hired someone so rude on their front lines, or the owner doesn’t make sound business decisions and you can expect poor work when you interact with him or her when the time comes.]  The topic of the upcoming holidays came up, which is expected since we are weeks away from Halloween, and then the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas follows shortly after.  She made a comment about how expensive it gets this time of year.  I mentioned about how I put money aside to I won’t go further into debt starting in August and September.  She was amazed that I was so diligent about not over spending or relying on credit cards, how it is something she could never do.  I told her that it was a lot easier than she realized and even putting away a little each week adds up a lot faster than she realized.

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