Wellness Wednesday – Secret Freshness?

I like to say we live in the “Scent Age” because people are willing to spend a lot of money just to smell great or be in a location that smells great.  There are a wide variety of smells for each person, and there are places where you can create your own scent for whatever you need in your life.  Yesterday we had potpourri in small dishes spread through out our homes, now we have oils, waxes, and aerated sprays for a more concentrated power boost of smells.  What about putting those smells in places that candles can’t reach?

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Turning Over the Amber Leaves

Between the pumpkin flavored things, lists being made in anticipation for the holidays and those growing out your facial hair for charity, remember to take a moment to smile and spread some love.  It’s can be as grand as taking a relationship to the next level or as simple as  sharing a friendly smile with someone in pain.

Actions matter – do them wisely.

Transition Pieces

The weather is finally cooling down and the days will start getting shorter.  This cuts down on a lot of activities that can be done outside but how do you inject fun in your routine through the cooler months?

This Fall and upcoming holiday season I have challenged myself to tackle a new kind of craft.  I usually lose my shit for the Christmas holiday because I’m that person.  I am a few years away from the ugly sweater that has dough and icing stains on it while I force my family to take awkward pictures to capture the moment(s).  As a child, I would dedicate hours to Martha Stewart’s shows learning new tips and tricks (back when her show was better and it was just her for the hour and her crafts).  I intend on making wreaths.  One day I will showcase how I decorated my son’s nursery.  I made flowers and vines for the jungle theme I choose.  It looked awesome but the amount of insects that I attracted, I will never do something like that again for a kid’s room.  I didn’t realize they would want to invade a room with fake flowers but I lived and learned.

The  few wreaths I’ve come across on Pinterest look awesome but they’re so overpriced.  Stay tuned for my adventures in crafting!  I plan on making something for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  What are you getting into?  Taking any risks? Learning anything new?  Let me know!



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What Are the Fruits of Your Labor?

This is one of my favorite sayings because it can be applied to just about everything in our lives.  What are you working toward?  What is the result of your action or actions?  If you are still waiting around for a sign, consider this your sign.  I empower you to want to make a difference in not only your life, but for the betterment of everyone.  It’s easy to create goals that stimulate our short term, possibly carry over long term, but how do they impact you over all?

If you are still struggling over something, take a breath and find out the core issue.  Maybe it is time to move on, start over and find success and prosperity in another avenue.  Often the greatest successes come from the greatest failures.

You can do it.

I believe in you!



Mother’s Day is more than a day to honor the woman who gave you life.  This day and every day should be a day met with high praise for all Mother’s, whether they are biological or not, such as Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts or that family friend who took the kids in despite not being “family.”  Every day should be a thank you, even if that day was a struggle.  Sometimes we have to fight through the pain to realize they only wanted what was best for us.  Sometimes that struggle was all too real and as an adult, you then realized how tough things were for her growing up and she did the best she could with the tools she had.  Life isn’t a guarantee of perfection and promises but it is possible for all to do better and be better.

There is no specific definition or rule book on how to be a Mother.  Yes, there are numerous experts that claim they have found the formula for Motherhood but can they really measure love?  Can they really measure how many kisses given because you scraped your knee?  Or crying because you graduated high school, college or beyond?  That measure of pride and love is something no expert can compile.  It is something personal and special, that bond beyond compare.  I invite you to create something different this year for Mother’s Day.  Make a book of memories that you want to share with your Mom and turn it into a keepsake for when you have your own children.  This way you have something that can be passed through each generation as a symbol of what love is defined by in your family.  I usually make photobooks, albums or scrapbook something.  What will you do this year?