I Can See August Over the Mountian

With July coming to an almost rapid close, it is time to start preparing for back to school, and various Fall adventures.  Before we break out the boots, jeans, sweaters and hoodies, I want to remind you to enjoy the remainder of the month of July but also enjoy all that August has to offer.  July is a very hard month for me and with a very good friend of mine going into major surgery tomorrow morning, I am reminded yet again that life is just too damn short.  One minute you are here complaining because they forgot to add cheese the next you are laid up in a pine box.  Don’t let any moment go by without sharing your joy, love, concern for others.

It’s not too late to rock that bikini, work hard to run that 5k or ask that cute guy out who you work with.  Dive into the possible and expand your expectations.

IMG_3248All hail seductive carrot.

With enough squats, you two can have thighs just like this carrot (ha!).

In The Quiet Hours

All is quiet here on the home front.  It’s Mother’s Day and I wanted to take a moment to write something to my son.

Thank you for giving me purpose, drive and life.  Thank you for being who you are at all times, regardless of the storm.  They say children are a blessing, but you are that word that does not exist in any language but can be felt at all times where and when it matters most.  Saying, “I love you,” merely scratches the surface of how much I truly do.

Continue to grow and continue to be a light for the world.  Continue on your journey through brush and fire yet remain in tact because you are strong, you are whole, and truly blessed by God.

Thank you for giving me the title of, Mom.