Suicide Prevention


It doesn’t have to be a specific month or week to talk about suicide prevention.  There are so many out there suffering and need help.  We need to work together and do our parts to help on another.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-237-TALK (8255) /

Please share this with friends and loved ones.  You never know who needs this information.


Topical Tuesday – Thinking of Spring Cleaning?

I know this time of year we are busy wrapping up the school year, trying our best to get our lawns in shape, and working hard to clean out all the old junk in our homes.  We are used to giving away old clothes, and out dated electronics in some cases too for all new upgrades.  What about in our pantry?  American’s over-consume a lot of things, but our waste of food seems to be the worst.  I invite you to look through your pantry especially and donate anything that has not yet expired that you know you or your family will not consume before its expiration date.  There are many food banks that desperately need items to help in your community.  There are many families that can not afford to put not only a health meal on the table, but enough that everyone gets enough to eat.  Many children go to bed starving, even in some middle class neighborhoods.

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We Have to Remember to Choose Happiness

If you are ever feeling down, let this kid inspire you that no matter how old you are, or where you are, you have to be yourself and dance.  Sometimes we let the hurt from the past cloud the adults we are today, and forget that we used to be carefree, we used to not worry so much.  As an adult, you can do that too by choosing happiness.  Choosing to not let the overwhelming negativity consume us.  If you find that choice hard, take a good look at what is surrounding you: drugs? alcohol? toxic friends or family members? Take a stand for your own well being and make a change.  Choose to be positive and speak positively in every encounter you have.  There is power in this, and that power will transform your life.

Stay beautiful!

Read Across Your Home & America

Oh The Places You'll Go

You can and will move mountains!  Parents (or loving family members of children), please read to your kids starting at a young age, and encourage them to love reading as they grow.  Too many kids are falling behind in school and in life due to illiteracy.  

You can always start your own book swap in your family, community, or partnering with your local library.  Take charge in your children’s education!

Birthday Bonanza!

It’s my son’s 6th birthday today. I had to give him a shoutout! I have so much planned for him today. Yeah, I always make a big deal out of things because why not? Life should be celebrated! 🎉

I hope you are having a fantastic week. I’ll save a slice of cake for you.


Labor Your Weekend

I hope you all are having a safe, and relaxing weekend. If you are fortunate to have a long weekend off, remember to take time for family, laughs, and a good BBQ! Life is just too short for stress and worry.

I was fortunate to spend my Sunday giving back to the community. I had a table setup with loads of great info for kids, parents, and grandparents. Not everyone has access to information on how to care for their kids, so I do my best to provide it for those who need it.


That was my table filled to the brim with free goodies!


A shot of me beforehand. It was so gross and humid today my hair didn’t stand a chance. Oh, well, right? I am available to set up at other local events in the area. Contact me for details.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 🎉😎