Willow Run

What do you do when the sand runs out?  When that moment in time stands still and you want it to loop for at least another few hours?  How do you measure or put a price on happy endings, even if that happy ending lasted for such a short while?

I struggle to understand life sometimes.  I struggle to find which path we’re supposed to be on or why we replay situations or people continuously and hope it comes around again soon because it may seem insignificant to some, but it means everything to you.  You know that it fills a part of you that you keep hidden from the light, hidden from any insight because you already know the truth.

Everything and yet nothing again.  The highs and lows, and yet here we are.  Standing before me is hope, opposition, fate, and circumstance.  I want nothing more than to know why, what is the purpose, is there really a message or am I hitting rewind even though we are growing older?  It scares me how it makes me feel.  Something so vast, yet so out of reach.  And like the inkeeper with the small candle, I retreat that part of myself.  Snuffing out the light on another day spent buried in a book of doubt.  That’s when the tear forms.

Maybe next time? Maybe this time? Maybe never again?  The chilling thought trails my my mind in hopes to figure out the what, where and why.  Yet for now there is quiet, still, stars meet sky, existing, progressing to that next moment. Praying that I trip into you, or you into me; like we’re teenagers sneaking out for the first time. Laughing, optimistic and loving – maybe even a bit naive.

Keep the smile – it’s free and is my gift to you.

Summer Lovin’


It’s the first day of Summer – get out there and do something rewarding.  Look into volunteering this summer to give back to your community.  Stay safe, take too many pictures and make too many memories!

Life is too short to obsess over your waistline, closet or Fashion week – get out there and live.


What is on your list this Summer season?


Mother’s Day is more than a day to honor the woman who gave you life.  This day and every day should be a day met with high praise for all Mother’s, whether they are biological or not, such as Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts or that family friend who took the kids in despite not being “family.”  Every day should be a thank you, even if that day was a struggle.  Sometimes we have to fight through the pain to realize they only wanted what was best for us.  Sometimes that struggle was all too real and as an adult, you then realized how tough things were for her growing up and she did the best she could with the tools she had.  Life isn’t a guarantee of perfection and promises but it is possible for all to do better and be better.

There is no specific definition or rule book on how to be a Mother.  Yes, there are numerous experts that claim they have found the formula for Motherhood but can they really measure love?  Can they really measure how many kisses given because you scraped your knee?  Or crying because you graduated high school, college or beyond?  That measure of pride and love is something no expert can compile.  It is something personal and special, that bond beyond compare.  I invite you to create something different this year for Mother’s Day.  Make a book of memories that you want to share with your Mom and turn it into a keepsake for when you have your own children.  This way you have something that can be passed through each generation as a symbol of what love is defined by in your family.  I usually make photobooks, albums or scrapbook something.  What will you do this year?