Wellness Wednesday – PCOS

Each year more and more women are being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and some never know about it until they finally meet with a doctor that knows to talk about it or asks you the right questions.  It is important to get to know your body, track your menstrual cycles and keep your doctor informed of any changes or any issues or things you feel are important.  It could save your life!  I pulled this article from WebMd that goes into great detail on signs, symptoms, and questions you can bring to your doctor.  Please share this with friends and loved ones!

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Wednesday Wellness – Save the Ladies



It can be uncomfortable discussing your personal information even with your trusted doctor, but there needs to be more discussion on what is going on with our bodies than making jokes or feeling shameful about the state we are currently in.  I’m talking about, how honest are you with your gynecologist?  I know it’s a very uncomfortable doctor visit for many, but it is absolutely mandatory that we know exactly what’s going on, and what condition all our parts are in.  With the rate that women are developing cancer of the breast, uterus, ovaries, cervix and beyond, we all need to empower ourselves and be our own advocates for health.  It goes beyond juicing to stay healthy.

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