Topical Tuesdays – You Are A Brand


Whether we like it or not, in our modern digital age, we are individual brands.  Many companies monitor our online and real life lives in order to market even more specifically and appeal to our likes, and also our dislikes.  You may not appreciate it or like it, may feel it infringes on your rights, but you can get ahead of this curve.  Most social media platforms offer a form of privacy, and you can do the ultimate in privacy and simply not post anything.  We see countless news articles of people losing their jobs, or can’t find a job due to their opinions expressed over social media.  Also, we see big names in the media losing money, fame,  and power due to their negative opinions; whether sexist, racist, or homophobic.

We can post our resume and network connections online, we can share family photos, share personal information, but have to remember the over-sharing can either make or break your chances at advancement.  A lot of employers have added a Facebook clause to their employee contracts, meaning you are giving them the right to monitor and use whatever you do and say against you.  It makes you wonder if you can even have a private life anymore along with a professional life?


Learn to keep your life private.  Take time to learn about privacy measures on each social network.  Stop tagging yourself, especially tagging your locations, utilize common sense – it’s a lot easier than we realize.  For any online daters out there, stop putting your kids pictures on your profiles too.  It’s just creepy.  The more steps we take in taking control of our online presence enhances our private lives.  Utilize having a professional email for work and other professional correspondence, have a personal email for family and friends, and a junk email for all those giveaways or stores that ask to send you endless bulk email.  There are plenty of email servers that can link these emails together so you only have to check one inbox.

Isn’t technology amazing?

Start taking the time and steps to get your life back – You will be successful!

Business Cards for Blogs?

I have been going back and forth on the idea of having business cards made for my blog.  There are events that I will be attending soon, and want to utilize networking opportunities with more of a reminder than only mentioning the name of my blog.  Business cards can be high quality, inexpensive, and leave a strong statement.  I will probably do a test with it and post again in a few months whether I found the cards have increased new and recurring traffic patterns or they stayed the same.

What I plan on adding to the card:  Blog name, tag line, contact number, email, specifically my Twitter social media handle, and blog address.  Why Twitter?  I feel that is the most powerful social media avenue out there.  I think it’s a lot better, more profitable, and you are able to maintain better contact with current readers, current clients, future clients, and future readers.  The hashtags are impressive and important too.  If you aren’t utilizing all that Twitter has to offer, definitely dive in to it!

To add a picture or not:  I know that a lot of people add their picture now on business cards but I’m ambivalent toward that.  I feel there are enough images of me connected to my project. I say, let them find out on their own.  That’s a big drawback that I don’t like about Linked In actually.  I feel that having your picture attached with your resume hurts the process more than it helps.  Employers are free to discriminate easier than ever these days.  You might be the best fit for a position or company and they don’t like the way you style your hair or some other factor and boop – you’re thrown in the trash pile.  It happens a lot more than you realize.  I feel this extends to the online market as well.  Like all things, there is subjectivity, but I think everyone should get a fair shake at first.

Layout & Design:  I want to use something colorful but is clean and professional at the same time.  I would hate for someone to receive a card and they can barely make out any of the info because I went too crazy with any graphics or colors.  Clarity is key.

I’m a fan of Vistaprint because of their quality & cost but  I am always open to new suggestions too.


Have you used business cards or are you considering using them?  If so, which service do you order them through?