Thankful Thursdays – Distributing Dignity

There are many times we have ran out of the house and forgot to grab a few extra pads or tampons, but are fortunate enough to either be able to afford to run into any store and buy a new pack or ask a friend to borrow one.  What about the other women who can’t?  It never occurred to me that homeless women did not have adequate access to what I think a lot of us take for granted – bras, pads and tampons.

 We often think if we donate enough old clothes, they should be fine right?  Maybe not.

I stumbled upon an article in Huffington Post  about this topic, and saw a local charity gathers feminine products, also including new bras with tags, and delivers them to homeless shelters in need.  I am so moved by this I want to have my own party to gather items as well to help.  If you are as sick as I am of all those invites to parties where one friend is now selling yet another fad product, put the money you were going to waste to good use.  Help out a woman that is in need.

The name of the charity in my area is Distributing Dignity.  On their site you can make donations as well, or if you are not local and feel inspired, contact local shelters and ask if they are in need of the same products.  I’m sure they will be very grateful to accept similar items as well.  Every little bit helps!