Happy Happy New Year!

IMG_1920I wanted to wish you and yours a very happy new year!  I hope this year brings you all kinds of excitement, fulfillment, and love.  Whether that love is from someone else or you learn to love yourself.

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Vegas Vacation

A few things I learned about my recent trip to Vegas:

  • I enjoy getting older.
  • I don’t envy young women in their early 20s. I encouraged their ignorance. You are only young once.
  • Just because he or she is in the service industry doesn’t mean they are beneath you. Smile, communicate, crack jokes – be human – they are too.
  • Life is too short – be thankful, be grateful, and tell them you love them.  You know it’s from the right place and they may need to hear it more than you need to hear it in return.
  • I need a damn tan.
  • Wear white whenever the hell you want.
  • I love heels but it’s not a reality when walking around town. You can easily walk a mile from your hotel room to the restaurant.
  • The desert really is the most beautiful part of the country. I wish I took more pictures on the flight home.  Flying over the southwest was incredible during the daytime.
  • Nothing makes a day brighter quite like chocolate covered strawberries and quality chardonnay.