Fittin’ This Ass in Them Jeans

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Come One and All


My hair, makeup, and lei for the day.
One of the things I enjoy doing is having a booth at trade shows or fairs.  I like getting out there and talking with others because you never know who you will end up meeting.  Yesterday I had another one.  

This fair’s focus was on health, and my booth contained a lot of great info pertaining to kids and families. All the important topics such as bullying, smoking,  addiction, suicide, and many more.  There were a lot of great other vendors too with various important subjects.  Minus my sunburn, I had fun. 


A better shot of my whole outfit.


My lovely table stuffed with goodies!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  ūüėĄ 

Suicide Prevention


It doesn’t have to be a specific month or week to talk about suicide prevention. ¬†There are so many out there suffering and need help. ¬†We need to work together and do our parts to help on another.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-237-TALK (8255) /

Please share this with friends and loved ones.  You never know who needs this information.


Wednesday Wellness – Diabetes

I found this handy picture that is more of a chart on Pinterest and wanted to share it with you all ( I didn’t make it and was unable to find its owner). ¬†Recently, I have heard of too many loved ones being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. ¬†If you suspect you have this, talk with your healthcare professional to get tested properly and work to eat healthy.

You are important and so is your health.

Diabeties Pictogram

Let’s Get Moving!



We always hear about how Suzie Sunshine found an extra 1000 hours in her day to run 50 miles a week and has it all tracked in her app Рbut what about the rest of us?  How exactly are we supposed to find time to fit in a productive workout in our already busy lives?  Yes, it is possible to wake up early and hit the gym or morning run before work, but most of us want that hour of sleep or we are using that hour to get our family ready for their day.  What are some realistic ways to fit in proper fitness through our days?

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Wellness Wednesday – Safety in Numbers

Gypsy HalloweenThis is the time of year we all make lists of the scariest movies we can find to watch and enjoy that rush of imagined fear.¬† Usually there is some woman being chased by a monster, creature, or a man wielding a weapon, she’s screaming for help and no one manages to help her in time.¬† It’s all well and good because these movies are fiction, and we are able to come back to reality after hitting the stop button.¬† What about the real life monsters?¬† The ones that are actually chasing our women and girls down streets, drugging them at parties and bars for a quick score, or shaming them into getting what they want?¬† Those monsters cross gender lines too.¬† Men aren’t always the “Big Bad Wolf” in life. It’s getting to the point that women can’t walk down the street during the day without worry of being followed or attacked.¬† Let’s not forget the endless catcalling that gets aggressive the more you try and ignore it.¬† I’m not sure No means no anymore, and that is very scary.

What does this mean for you?  What does it mean on the larger scale? 

There is a lot of truth in the mentality and statement of, “safety in numbers.”¬† That crosses literally, and figuratively lines.¬† Literally, if you are going out with a group of friends, stick together.¬† Either wear something that is easily identifiable across a crowded room, create a code word within your group for sticky situations, or make a game plan for the evening.¬† Make sure the right numbers are programmed in your phone, and take advantage of how much you check in at places or take pictures in different locations.¬† Your friend meet a stranger at the bar/club/party/whatever and it looks like they are going home with them?¬† Get a picture of the stranger, take down any info about them or snap a pic of their license plate.¬† Social media is sometimes more successful in getting justice than the traditional route.¬† The amount of women that go missing every day is staggering.¬† What if you notice something suspicious?¬† Would you interject yourself into things to possibly prevent a crime?¬† I know a lot of people might not due to the likely hood they may experience danger themselves, or they flat out say, “it’s not my business.”¬† I say, what if that was your sister/mother/aunt/loved one?¬† If you really aren’t comfortable, call the cops.¬† You could be preventing that person from being raped, abducted, beaten – anything.

Why bring this up? 

This weekend I’m sure a lot of you will be at parties dressed in your best costumes having a great time with your friends and loved ones.¬† I’m sure there will be a number of invented cocktails, punch, and tasty snacks set on tables with dry ice overflowing everywhere.¬† Always ask what is in the food and drink where you go. If they can’t remember or tell you, skip it. ¬†¬† Let’s work together to have a safe and satisfying Halloween weekend!¬† ‚̧

Don’t drink & drive!